A National First: Building Constructed Entirely Out of Cargo Containers


How did they turn cargo container into glass?
wonder what the ratio of recovered material to new material is
Love that... I've wanted a cargo container house for several years now, I hope I get to build one someday. Actually, I'd love to have a whole farm of cargo container building... House, barns, chicken coop... Cargo containers everywhere!
Can you imagine the echo inside that thing? I hope someone put up drapes.
Sorry, I thought you said cargo pants.
When you get down to it, the UN "bases" we put up in most areas are really just modified cargo containers with power systems and air conditioning.
I wonder how it was permitted, and if it will have heat loss issues. Exposed metal on the outside + exposed metal on the inside (even if not on the same wall, just touching somewhere) = very easy path for heat loss.
is the dog in that video alive? creepy.
It's cool and all, but it'll be a bitch to heat and ventilate.
Hi - This is Katie Zemtseff, the reporter who wrote the original article for the DJC and made the video. I can answer a couple of these questions....

@2 The building is shaped like a square and the cargo containers only cover three sides. The fourth side is connected by glass (which is what you see in the background of the video interview). There are a couple windows punched in the cargo container sides, but they are pretty small.

@3 I believe it is 80 percent recovered material by weight.

@5 No noticeable echo at all, surprisingly. It actually felt well insulated and snug. You can go visit it yourself if you don't believe me!

@8 (Hey Matt!) The permitting took a while... if you read the story, it says it was permitted as a wood structure and then exceeded all the requirements.The outside walls are insulated.

@9 Lol. The dog is alive! I thought he was the money shot, but I guess he could be considered creepy....

@10 They've got some new and expensive systems in there, so you'd have to talk to them about it. For example, they've got it set up so each room is actually heated separately, rather than requiring the user to heat the entire space for warmth.

Hope this helps! Thanks for the interest and post!
Hey Katie, Some unsolicited advice for the next time you want to throw one of these videos together:
-Show the video of the place while the interviewee is talking. Nothing more boring than a talking head, and you'll also be able to avoid using that piano music and make your video half as long with all the same information, and twice as interesting.
-Use a tripod whenever possible.
Hi Herr Direktor,

Thanks for the advice. It was my first shot at a video so I think it went ok but certainly could use more work. I do need to buy a tripod - totally agree with you there. Also, would have shown the place while he was talking if I had more time to edit. Next time maybe I'll have the time and expertise.... thanks for the comments, though!