Tsunami Warning Advisory Issued For Washington State


It's not a warning, it's an advisory. The difference matters - it goes advisory, watch, warning. An actual NWS Tsunami Warning would be worse.
Dan, you hysterical little drama queen, @ 1 is right. Change it to "tsunami advisory." Christ.
Who let the Pomeranian out?
And this:

Then the Lord rained upon Seattle and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven;
And he overthrew those cities, and all those on Sound, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.
And he looked toward Seattle and Gomorrah, and toward all the land on the Sound, and beheld, and, lo, the smoke of the country went up as the smoke of a furnace.
email from my mom who is in maui right now: No signal for phone. I have to evacuate. Text you later got to move
Sounds like it's a good day to be a mile above sea level.
I bet the guy on the bike (at second of Dan's links) could outpedal the tsunami on water.

And yeah, we are going to have very destructive earthquake in the Seattle area eventually. Will we take care of the viaduct and seawall before then? Well, considering it took ten years of debate to decide install five automated public toilets (which were then removed just a few years later since Seattle was somehow incapable of keeping them from being overrun by druggies and hookers) , I'm not too hopeful.
What 5280 said.

For those who aren't following the links from the NOAA page, the estimated time of arrival of the tsunami to Seattle is 4:41 PST. Click here to check out all the other estimated times.
Matt @8
Your link is helpful, but the pretty graphic in the post is sufficient and more fit to Slog sensibilities.

Dan as a news expert analyst is a perfect compliment to Barb Walters' discussion group "The View." As the show is now, househusbands across America are not getting the full picture of life!
I take it H1N1 is soooo last year...
I wish WSDOT had added to their viaduct-destructo video the second part of what they were yelled at to fix - they should intercut footage of 520 sinking 'neath the waves, bus riders phone-tweeting details as they drop into Portage Bay. (Then forward to an evening chock-full of benefit shows by hot local bands.)
The sad thing is that I really need information on this before going clam digging this evening, and the best information source I can find is the Slog. Go, Stranger; Booo, rest of the internet.
Anyone up for some surfing?
Yeah, it would be nice if the viaduct and 520 bridge were not complete death traps when the big one hits Seattle. Unfortunately, McGinn will still be holding town halls to discuss what he should have for lunch, Dom will still have his panties in a wad over allowing 3-person carpools into the third lane of the new bridge, and the rich assholes in Montlake and Madison Park will still oppose anything which impacts their back yards or view. It's going to take a large death toll before people get their heads out of their asses on this one.
maybe I'm high but that picture looks like a tsunami painting with the continents being the white part of the wave. Anyone else see that?
Ooh, @15! You got the Magic Eye!
@12 Yeah, same here. Slog has better info on the quake and tsunami than other sources. And the info on TV is little to non existent.

I know that Dan takes Sloggers to task by saying that "there are other news sources' when we note that Slog isn't covering something, but the fact remains that many times Slog is more on top of things than the so-called 'major media' outlets.
I'm skipping the coast and heading to Olympia to catch Taj Mahal!! There will be a whole lot of shaking going on, but it won't be an earthquake... it'll be my hips. :)
I would be tempted to go to the shore if it was something more than a few waves stronger than normal.
and for an animated view of what some japanese scientists thought a chilean-based tsunami would be like: http://outreach.eri.u-tokyo.ac.jp/wordpr…
The funny thing is that two people were in the water in Hawaii during the swelling.
Thanks, Dan, for giving me a visual to my earthquake fears...helpful.
I'm all over the advisory. The Tsunami will be a whopping 15cm when it hits San Francisco.

The surfers are out anticipating an awesome ride.

The Alaskan Way viaduct sim is both well done and thought provoking, but the 10.5 thing with the bicyclist is just disaster porn, and bad DP at that. I'm not fully up on my Richter Scale lore, but 10.0 is ~1 teraton of TNT (or a million megatons). That would nicely crack the United States into an archipelago. A surface burst would incinerate half the globe within minutes and leave the other half to freeze to death. None of this merely tipping the space needle and giving a bicyclist a fright.