Legislature Passes "Good Samaritan" Bill


good. this is awesome. finally a common-sense, realistic approach to this problem!
This is good, but this:
nor would it provide protection to the 911 caller if the person overdosing actually dies.

is unfortunate.

So my buddy's overdosing, and I call 911, and the medics come, but he just had way too much and they can't save him. So I did the right thing, thought I was protected, but now that he's dead I can be arrested anyway.

Any idea what the rationale here was?
@2 - I'm going to assume that their rationale is:

1). If you were a decent friend/person, you wouldn't have let him or her take any drugs in the first place.

2). If you let them take the drug anyway, you weren't a good enough friend/person to stop them from taking too much of it.
I agree with @2. So, assuming the drug users actually know about this bill, now if one of their friends needs emergency help, they'll all have to ponder whether he/she is actually going to make it or not. Too close to death, and it's better not to call 911, but if the chances of saving him are good, then go ahead and call. Hmmmm... what to do, what to do? Great time for a bunch of stoned drug users to have a medical what-if session.


I hope those aren't the reasons, because they're fucking stupid. Both those rationales apply whether the victim dies or not.
I tried to call 9/11 but they wouldn't take my call.

Probably because you can't OD on MJ.
@7 i beg to differ .... http://media.freep.com/audio/2007/0510po…