Escalating Tribal Violence Leads to Felony Charges


If you're going to write from a press release you should note it somewhere in your post, lest you be labeled a SFCH.
does SFCH mean Science Fiction Chilean Hilton?

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Will, for as much time as you waste on the Slog every day, I'd think you would be able to figure out it's short for Stupid Fucking Credulous Hack.
escalating tribal violence? you make the rez sound like its going to go fallujah. this is violence that happened on a reservation with tribal members involved... its not like afghanistan is happening on I-90. what's with all the weird bolds too?
What exactly would it have taken to make a case for attempted premeditated murder? If this didn't qualify, it's hard to imagine what would.
@4, Pacheco was a member of the tribe, attacking other members with increasing brutality. I don't know what's not clear about that.
you said tribal violence... a tribe is a group of people, you did not say a tribal member. tribal violence implies a larger scale of violence going on. is that what you meant? or are you just talking about these people? are you trying to imply that this is what goes on at tulalip on a larger scale? also his victims weren't all tribal members from tulalip. but native on native violence is a tribal problem?

it makes tribal people more scary. its sensationalist and poorly thought out. you hightlighted and sensationalized their race and political status.
@7, February 18, 2009, Pacheco beat and robbed a man. Three weeks later, he and two other *tribe members* beat and kidnapped a woman from another tribe. I am not implying anything; that shows escalating tribal violence. Those were the facts the prosecutor's case was based on, and that is what he was convicted on.

It is not sensationalist or poorly thought out. Sorry.
but why was it necessary to highlight their tribalness... why not a woman from canada was assaulted and a man and associates from the tulalip reservation were responsible. a MAN had a series of esacalating violence not 'tribal' which is a group.

you said tribal and that is a blanket term. you encompassed all tribal people in your headline. you didn't even narrow it down to which tribe. it wasn't even about that tribe it was about THAT man and you made it about his entire co racial and political members. you were lazy. you let a blanket term stand in for one small group of violent men.
@9 - Is English your first language?

"Tribal" has many accepted definitions, not just a blanket term encompassing all tribes. One is "relating to a tribe."

If you replace "tribal" with "family" in the headline, would you assume it's a story about a global trend in family violence?
well, another TRIBAL member called the cops and saved that woman's life...