The View From My Window


Where are you heading this time, Dan?
"yep... there's yer problem: Gremlin"
Totally bummer; worse too that your sitting in coach and can't drink to ease the tension.

Where are you head to?
It's better than a "situation" in your car where you don't have advanced monitoring systems and professional mechanics nearby.
Someone close the italics tag, please.
From the picture that looks like a pickle. Or a pinch maybe, but I'm betting its a pickle or nothing. Situations usually occur further in on the wing, near the fuselage as they say in France.
I thought you only flew first class?
hot damn man, you must fly more often than some Microsoft executives!
I've been there altogether too many times. Is it just me, or does it seem like it's happening more often lately?
Looks like this situation called for 2 rubber bands, not just one.

I hope you have a quiet flight.
New airline recycling campaign... Please ask your flight attendant what the airline is recycling (of your trash) and fill out this survey:…

If they're recycling nothing, take your trash with you, recycle it yourself, and tell the flight attendant why. Thanks!
I'm such a nervous flier anyway. This would not help me stay calm.
Where's the duct tape when you need it?
takeact2! rolling! and...action!
If women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy.
Well, just imagine. They can fix your plane and then let a 10 year old handle your ATC instructions and take off clearance. Those ATC folks don't matter, right? Nothing like a distracted controller and poor communication between the controller and the aircraft on the ground. Just ask Pan Am, KLM, and the folks at Tenerife.
Aren't you happy they figured it out now instead of at 33,000 feet?
soooooooo much more exciting than Lost
The reason planes don't fall out of the sky hardly ever is because when there's a situation a highly-paid technician gets up on a lift and looks at it, and fixes it, instead of them all just carrying on and saying "that's funny, I've never heard that noise before". This makes you uncomfortable but it should do the opposite; that man is keeping you alive.
how did that jersey shore dude get on the airplane?
Hmmm, maybe you shouldn't have wished that heart disease runs in the Cheney that couldn't be it....or was it the time calling Britney Murphy a dead skinny bitch before she had been dead for 24 hours or the time you had to let everyone know that you hate GLEE...too many to count - Karma is a bitch!
It's all ball bearings these days.
It's divine punishment because you're gay. The punishment for gayness is death, and all the righteous heteros aboard were just collateral damage...or they were punished as well for not stoning you themselves... or something. Oh wait, it didn't crash? It's being inspected? ummm... Maybe it's a warning? It gets hard to interpret bad things to make them say what I want. Satan must be confusing me. Excuse me while I sort this out. I'll be back in a moment with the properly articulated message once it is revealed to me.
@25 with your rationale & karma calculations I can reasonably assume that if Dan kills someone he will get a parking ticket.
@24 Damn, you beat me to it.
Very bad homo, as a former fearful flyer, all I can say is it's possible to become a non-nervous flyer. I refused to fly for over 5 years previously, and flew over 40,000 miles comfortably last year. Try for basic coping strategies, and consider some CBT if you're really bad off. I just got turned around this weekend for an issue with the plane discovered in-flight, and barely flinched, except at the thought of spending hours in the airport waiting for another flight. There's light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!
#31: Cock-and-ball-torture to relieve fear of flying anxiety? Well, maybe that'd work....but ouch! And I don't know how my seat mates would feel about it.
Better hope, if you're flying Alaska Airlines, that those non-union mechanics AA replaced the fired union workers with actually know what to look for...
Would you rather have "the Situation" in the cabin with you? Didn't think so.
Hmmmmm, 32, maybe...I mean it WOULD be distracting. :)
From the posture I can see that the "situation" involved the application duct tape (that's speaking deductively). It was undoubtedly the 600mph variety recommended by Boeing for those quickie repairs when you just have to get the show back in the sky.