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You're giving creedence to a lawsuit by Geoffrey Feiger?!!??!

Maybe it's only in Michigan that we know him to be the jackass that he is.
I can't tell if you are naive or just plain crazy.
"And it is difficulty that separates a work of art from a work of pop."

Close, but not quite. A taste for difficult-to-watch movies is what separates the pretentious from everyone else.
@3, that's another level. but i agree with you on that point.
Inglorious Basterds!!!!!!
Avatar is better film than The Hurt Locker primarily because it's politically more meaningful and useful to the masses

I'm sure Stalin and Mao described their propaganda art in much the same way.
So Charles, if I buy your argument that Hurt Locker does not deserve to win because it is too simplistic and unchallenging that still leaves me feeling that Inglorious Basterds deserves to win more than Avatar. Certainly the artistry of the dialogue, the acting, the cinematography (aka all the art of moviemaking) is taken to a higher level in Basterds. Except the special effects.

What say you, Charles?
"You can watch all of it—even the "tense" parts—with no effort or difficulty."

I couldn't disagree more. I thought Hurt Locker was borderline unbearable, specifically because it was stripped of all the normal jingoistic "glory & honor" bullshit. With no music and very few emotional cues, it's "just the facts" quasi-reportorial style makes it much more visceral and effective than it might otherwise have been.

You certainly don't have to like it, but to dismiss it out of hand & announce that it's "not art" is a bit much...
I get it, Mudede. Irony and all that. You can quit your bitching now.
@7 I will watch Inglorious Bastards tonight.
charles, really? i mean, give me a fucking break!!!!
avatar was meaningless pop! you are effectively saying that shit parallel to britney spears' songs about breakups are actually good work and deserve grammys!! it's fucking bullshit. you really really need to be let go from the stranger. sorry.

all work can be useful to someone somehow, but that fact doesn't make the work good and worthy of high acclaim. i'm sure teens swoon to britney's heartbreak songs and that her music is a healthy outlet for them, but that doesn't really mean anything that translates to quality work!

I am glad the palestinians have found an obvious metaphor to embrace and embody, but it doesn't make the film good. the film SUCKED.

i can never stomach your writing and couldn't stomach enough of if it this time to get through whatever you have to say about the hurt locker.

bad, bad stuff. grandiose statements that are just bad equals extra bad.
To be honest I don't see how the storyline of Avatar could accurately resemble the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Especially since the Jewish people are as native to those lands (maybe even more) as the Palestinians. In that regard it does seem to me over simplistic and wrong to attempt to draw any parallels between the two. It's just more complex than that.
I think most of the people here are missing his point. Though others will disagree, he feels that on an artistic and entertainment level Avatar and Hurt Locker are about the same. Having seen both I tend to agree. What gives Avatar an advantage is the positive social impact of the film. It is debatable how much influence films or other media have on a culture, but I think it depends on the relevance of the message and effectiveness in the way it's communicated which is the advantage Avatar has over the Hurt Locker, Inglorious Basterds etc.
No pretentious droning critical race theory analysis of the phrase "blonde, blue-eyed trailer-trash from Tennessee," or the long historical tradition of using such people for cannon fodder?

How disappointing.
Especially since the Jewish people are as native to those lands (maybe even more) as the Palestinians.

As if we needed more proof that you're a total idiot.
Nice ideas Mudede.
it's fucking bullshit. you really really need to be let go from the stranger.

You what's really bullshit? Clamoring for someone to be fired just because you don't like what he has to say.
Political protest cosplay?
Charles, you're not a film critic (that's obvious for sure). Just because Hurt Locker didn't spent half a billion to get made and has a shit storyline (that is ripped off from other films) and because it's a more quiet story with a quiet message doesn't make it a bad film.

Thank God Roger Ebert got his voice back because you ain't it.
I can never understand why people want to use the word, "art," as an adjective. It's a noun. You can affix any adjective you want to it, but if an artist makes something, it's art. You can despise it or even think of it as evil, but it's still art.

It's no different than Bill O'Reilly saying hip-hop isn't music.

It's quite literally nonsense to claim that a noun is not a noun if it's a kind of noun you don't like.
it's not that i don't like what he has to say, keshmeshi. it's that i don't respect it.
All this essentially proves is that there are retards in Palestine too.
Clamoring for someone to be fired because you don't "respect" their opinion is pathetic to say the least.

Clearly, ng53 is a whiny brat douchebag whose opinions are beneath contempt much less respect.