Required Viewing


Great set up and knock them down. It was a long story and it makes me wish I could watch The Daily Show every night.
The problem is that the Daily Show catches everyone with their pants down like this constantly; this is one is particularly good. What are the odds of a single mainstream news media source beside MSNBC calling Fox out on it EXCEPT in an editorial that will be overlooked in a day, so that it becomes a news story in and of itself?


They all watch out for each other and unless someone commits an actual crime, they won't say a thing. Professional quid pro quo.
since foxnews viewers watch only foxnews this is what they wholeheartedly believe. it is the smartest investment the corporate right wing has ever made.
Leno is SUCH a douche for having Palin on. and for his "comeback" no less.
I never liked Jay Leno, and now I can't fucking stand him.
See, the problem is that other MSM treat Fox News like it was ... news.

It's not.
Did Sarah do the whole segment? Or did she quit halfway through?
Jon Stewart is the sexiest man alive. I'm completely serious.
The Daily Show (and The Colbert Report) are the only things I miss about cable.

Also, I hope Jay Leno gets cancer. What a fucking asshole.
Jesus Christ, Jay Leno is the king of the morons.
Megan is a smokin' hot woman.

(you Maddow fangirls will need to google 'smokin hot woman'...)

Worry not, you can watch the full episodes online for free. And with wayyy fewer ads than cable, so it's arguably even better... I'd probably recommend it even if you did have cable.

Interesting parting note: The remaining cable watchers might notice how Fox News loves to brag about its ratings.

Hint to Fox News: Cable ratings don't prove you're right. They prove you're dominating a technology and a viewership that's rapidly becoming obsolete.

It's like a newspaper who's bragging about its circulation, or a record company that brags about its CD sales. (CDs, what are those again? Oh. I see. Why would you do that when there's
eh... it wasn't really a take-down of palin as much as fox news in general. i'd rather a palin take-down. also, he said her joke was kinda funny.