Yesterday the Stranger Suggested: Georgetown Liquor Company


Jesus. As a vegetarian super-geek who loves to drink, this review alone makes me want to move to Seattle. I wish I knew of a place like this in the SF bay area.

Nice review! Although, for a review of a place with "Liquor" in the name, you'd think you would have something more to say about your drink?

Also, I think we need to send Nadia to a punk-rock show.
You are my favorite Suggests sleuth thus far, Nadia.
I concur. So far so good! I'm going to check the Georgetown Liquor Company out, and keep watching your reviews.
Nice writeup by Nadia. Georgetown Liquor Company is definitely on my short list now.

Dee @1, I don't mean to sound like a Seattle snob, but the few times I've been to San Francisco, I've gone out of my way to try out the vegetarian restaurants, and really, they just don't quite compare to Seattle's. I realize this is not a fair comparison considering it's hard to do justice to a town's restaurants unless you live there.

But still, I wouldn't be surprised if some national publication concluded that Seattle had the best veg dining scene in North America. Or maybe second only to NY.
Jersey girl, eh? Poor thing. Best Jersey slogan I've heard is the play on Trenton's slogan, "What Trenton Makes, the World Takes" to "What Trenton Excretes, the World Eats." That's about right. Good on you for gettin' the hell outta dodge.
Put this chick on the payroll, she's my new favorite Stranger writer!
Seattle has been rated best veg city many times. Definitely better than NYC and SF, in my experience.

And Field Roast isn't "fake meat", it's just delicious not-meat stuff. People need to get over the whole fake meat thing anyway. It tastes good or it doesn't, that's all that matters.

GLC rocks^infinity. w00t