Don't Hate the Eggers, Hate the Game


I imagine the results of such a search are proportional to your exposure, regardless of anything else.
I got 507 results for "I hate Cormac McCarthy."
I get what she's saying, but she didn't really cover my main reason for hating Eggers. When your first work is a memoir, we have a chance to get to know your personality. I admit I should reread the book (I've changed a lot in a decade), but at the time, I couldn't stand how arrogant and manipulative he seemed. In a non-memoir, I can dislike the protagonist without changing my perception of the author, but not in a memoir.

That said, I'm (hopefully) a more gracious person than I was a decade ago. Maybe I'd feel differently about the book now. I should reserve it at my local library.
Chuck Palahniuk wipes the floor with Eggers at 7,100 results.
Pfft. "I hate Shakespeare" -- 190,000 hits.
That new pizza from Dominoes?

2 mediums on special?

"I love Dave Eggers" 28,200
Man, I need to post more things to the internet that include "I hate Jonathan Safran Foer."
Dave Eggers seems like a very enthusiastic, altruistic, and maybe even nice man. I still loathe his writing.
hahaha @5 awesome
"I hate Dan Savage" 1,300

"I hate David Foster Wallace" 314

"I hate Arthur Conan Doyle" 5

This is kind of fun. But yeah, Eggers sucks.
I read a fair amount of David Eggers - the stuff comes pouring into my house like Hogwarts invitations until I read it. I don't hate him, but he can be myopically San Franciscan, too earnest and chipper and pleased with himself. I like the periodicals he's begun, I don't love him.
@7, David Sedaris, who came in second with 774 hits on the hate? Well, on the love, he came in with 219,000 hits. So, when it comes to ratios, Eggers doesn't look very good at all.
The "I Hate Dave Eggers" crowd is only so large because he is still alive, and they are largely affleuent (intellectually or financially so) white people (few others know who he is) and have envious fantasies of their parents succumbing to tradgedy so they could achieve fame, despite their lack of creativity and talent.
Results 1 - 10 of about 1,530 for "i hate cory doctorow". (0.44 seconds)
Sadly, "I hate Fnarf" only garners one measly hit, and even that one follows on with "and he's right on every single one if his posts". I would have thought Slog commenting would be a sure route to infamy.
Nobody could hate you when you're always wearing that adorable little cowboy hat, Fnarf.
Sherman Alexie pre-empted this from happening to him, by writing his essay, "I Hated Tonto-Still Do" which negates his search results...

Nicely played, Mr Alexie...nicely played.
1,520 for "I hate Chuck Klosterman"

That was the first name that came to mind for me. Chuck Palahniuk was a good call.