What Would Heck, Herrera, or Pridemore Do?


Baird is the waffle king of the state, he voted today with the Wa House republicans against the jobs bill, you know 'cause the economy is just so rosy in his district, or like them he is just an ass.

Yeah, what ever would Pridemore do? It's not like he has a link on the front page of his website that says EXACTLY THAT:

Put it this way: Neither Denny Heck nor Craig Pridemore, the two leading Democrats in the race, responded to a request to say what they'd do if they were in Baird's shoes right now.

-which is a problem with Democrats and almost everyone running for office. Their need to be elected is more important than where they stand on issues. That seems awfully chicken-shit-wimpy to me. Do we really need anymore of that in Congress - Dem or Rep?