Gift Shop #5: Also at the Henry Tonight


all i know is i used to LOVE the henry's gift shop back when the university book store ran it. then it changed over into those snobby peter miller (or whomever) folks and they went all minimalist (took out all kinds of fun kid-like stuff, simple things like postcards or other things that were more affordable, introduced in overpriced scandihoovian-designed desk utensils) ...and that must have killed the gift shop. i say bring back the UW bookstore people!
don't forget - Saturday is the 25th Annual Dinosaur Day at the Burke Museum!
Why would we want a revenue-generating gift shop when we can have an IKEA day care romper room for our little art darlings?
who is going to start the company that makes Parkett style tchotchkes to sell at every museum store? Nothing expensive, just numbered, I'm sure Deitch would have a part of it and Koons has deep pockets these days.