Ebooks Are on the Way


I haven't seen any of these so I'm wondering what kind of memory these have and do they have USB ports?
@1: Right now these are concept videos. There's no product specs yet...it's just a video of what they think would be cool.
It looks neat, but if it runs any iteration of Windows--7, Vista, Mobile, etc.--it will behave erratically, try to assume I want to do THIS when I'm clearly doing that, and so on. Already looks better than Zune, but then the bar isn't set especially high thereā€¦
Unless I can control my Courier with my Natal I want no part of it.
I went to CES this year, and my favorite ebook (the EnTourage eDGe) was just what you described at the end. It opens like a book, and one side is an LED screen, the other e-ink. Essentially, it's a netbook and an e-reader in one, and the two sides can interact with each other in useful ways.

After having an iPhone for a couple years I have no desire to get an iPad. It is underpowered, underfunctional, and the iPhone OS is not all that great. Plus I can something much better for around that price like the HP tablet.

Though really I am nor sure of the overall utility of slate tablets. I much prefer convertible ones and have been using them for near a decade now.
I like a good stylus. Am I just too, too old fashioned? This is the first ebook reader that looks appealing to me - I don't mind that it apes the look of an actual 2 page spread of a book, in fact, I like it. I know that most consumers of this new technology don't need to be comforted that the ebook experiance isn't that far removed from an actual paper book. But I do. And I like it.
@6: "It is underpowered, underfunctional, and the iPhone OS is not all that great. "

Does "it" refer to your two-year old iPhone or the iPad?
@1 - April 15 in Canada/UK/Australia/EU

expect the camera add on and the keyboard add on around July 1st

expect much whinging from techies who wonder why it doesn't have feature X Y or Z that most people don't give a flying fuck about between now and the end of time ...
by the way, resale value on old MacBooks is surprisingly very high.
Unless you need a styles to do precise work they are pretty useless imo when it comes to a machine that size.
I get excellent results with a stylus on my clay tablets.
I'm pretty sure that even the smartest computer in the world couldn't figure out my handwriting.

Microsoft has been working on it for quite a long time. I worked there for a stint, and the next lab over was full of temps writing cursive to test the handwriting interpretation they were working on then. This was 1995.
@13 - true. Luckily, while MSFT postures against Apple, they actually deliver some really good software for Apple platforms, when they don't have their heads up their asses.