Neighbors Release Joint Statement on Felon Housing



Hey, here's a good spot for a felon house...lots of room:
Something is really weird about this: Reverend Jeffrey said that he needs residents to start moving into the house soon so that he can pay for the "multi-thousand dollar monthly lease".

Originally this whole thing was touted as a great act of generosity by landowner DeCharlene Williams, but now there's a "multi-thousand dollar monthly lease" involved? It sounds pretty fishy to me - especially when, to look at it, the "duplex" in question (i.e. a hacked-up single family residence) would only bring in multi-hundreds on the private market.

So much for good intentions. I wonder if she'll get a religious exemption on the property taxes as well....
Felons are just another way of admitting that you have Republicans living amongst you.

Really? ? Do it be Republican that bother you?…

"Representative Eric J. Massa, a freshman Democrat from upstate New York who faces an investigation after being accused of harassing a male aide, said Friday that he would resign next week."

Think of this as a great way to:

1. Keep the neighborhood affordable.

2. Let the felons be close to home.
I love America, no one should have a second chance no matter what. Seriously, are these a bunch of child molesters or rapists that are moving into the neighborhood?

But you know what, maybe these ex felons should be just homeless. I mean what could possibly go wrong with doing that?
They can gave second chances, just in shitty hoods like the CD that spawned them.