The Morning News: State Budget, Libraries, Iceland, Catholics, Shark Attacks


I am sorry to see Massa go because he was a champion of Hydrogen Cars and the Hydrogen Highway through the East Coast.

Why would a lesbian couple want to enroll their child in a Catholic school that teaches their child to hate them because they're gay? Stupid. That school did them and their child a favor.
Ain't that the truth????
Also not in the news: the huge Obama grass roots surge this weekend culminated in rallies in five stadiums from NC to OH to PA to OK to Texas.

"I said politics would change," the President said. "This means talking to the people and making the case directly to them: you won't go bankrupt under my plan when you get sick, the way you will if you go with the insurers, those malefactors of great profiteering off the sick.

"You won't see rate increases of 39% either."

Billy Joe Bob Cracker, 40, said "I thought he was a communist at first, so I voted for McCain. But now that he's explained it I can see that these insurers are like tyrants -- they enslave us and I'm a not gonna work for nobody like no damn slave!"

Recent polls put out by Organizing for America showed that pro health reform majorities now exist in the conservadem districts across the south and the rural parts of OH and PA.

"We knew in Jan. 09 that Obama hadn't won in these places, but we also knew that in these 45 Ble Dog districts there were 30 million Obama voters and 1.5 million on our e mail lists. so we asked every one of those people to have house parties explaining why insurers for profit are sucking people's money up without providing any care -- only to leave you bankrupt from co pays if they don't cut you off because you're too sick to work to pay the premiums.

"This new kind of politics really works. We didn't look down on anyone as a conservative, we just told them the facts about how insurers are designed only for profit.

"Folks round these parts know about snakes and scorpions. Those 39% rate hikes made sure we could explain it well -- insurers are just like scorpions. You want to stamp them out, you can't have a free market with them!," Said David Axelplouffe, now the head of Organizing for America.

In the five stadium visit today, Obama is expected to speak directly to 200,000 people in one day. The local media will focus on him. NOtably, he's invited on stage the local congressman and intends to ask them in public to help him "stamp out the scorpions who are feeding off people for years and then sting them to death financially just when they need help."

Rumors are floating that on each stage he has a backup challenger lined up in case the local Ble dog democratic house member does not come along.

"We decided to make it all very transparent," said Axelplouffe.
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many folks use catholic schools because the local public schools suck big time, and the catholic schools are somewhat cheaper than elite preppy private schools. there are also more of them and you can usually find one in the neighborhood. catholic schools have jews in them, why not gays?
Oh, please. I spent the day at the shitty little Hilton down by the airport watching an Irish dance comp., and I saw about 3 dozen girls and one college-aged boy who could hand this guy his ass on a platter in dance.
As stated, this was 2 years ago so I'm more than sure this guy can move much better these days! Actually, I know he can. Plus, Hip Hop and "Irish" (River Dancing?) don't really compare. :)
@7, it doesn't matter what kind of dance you're comparing, this kid didn't really dance. He's got a few club moves he does well, but there was a lot of standing around. He better have improved in the last two years, because he won't get very far in the dance world with that mediocrity.