Terra Plata No More


It's no surprise to any of us familiar with any employee of her other restaurant - Brasa. None of them have been paid in months. The food would have been great - but why abuse a whole other set of employees and open another restaurant when you can't even take care of the people who already work for you?
As I understand it, Terra Plata will be opening at the Melrose Project after all, which makes me incredibly happy! I am happy because I will have the opportunity to continue to enjoy Tamara's fabulous food. Tamara built a beautiful restaurant in a horrible location and kept it going for more than a decade. It makes sense that she would build a new restaurant in a location and a size that makes sense for this coming decade, and continue her culinary profession, which by the way, she is incredibly good at. I have tremendous respect for her contributions to our culinary community and I look forward to her new place. Any word on when it will open?