Seattle Art Versus Vancouver Art: Discuss


This is a dumb argument.
This is an idiotic argument.
I want to know why apples are better than oranges.
If the "How Soon is Now" (which I saw a few days before the feature was written) exhibit really represents the future of art, and if that's really what you we should expect to get when artists are funded by the government rather than by people actually buying their artwork, then I will be thrilled for Seattle to "fall behind" in the art world.
If I'm going to drive to Vancouver to see some art, I might as well drive another ten minutes and go across the bridge to Portland.
I think I missed this argument previously but interested to see by what sort of logic you justified it. I am perpetually unfavorably comparing the cultural scene in Vancouver to Seattle. Just got back from there and saw nothing that remotely challenged that opinion. So the VAG is better than SAM, sure enough (but then again that might be because SAM is inexcusably curatorially aimless and unadventurous for a museum of its size). We also happen to have two other excellent art museums. What does Vancouver have to match the Henry and the Frye? If Vancouver has anywhere near as many decent contemporary art galleries as this city they must be extremely well hidden because I have never found them. Canada has many things going for it but cultural innovation is not one of those things. I usually offer Vancouver as exhibit A when making that argument.
It's more about people - artists - here having way too big egos, actually.

And the whiny terrorist Tea Baggers who hate American art and love destroying our Government.
I guess folks just don't want the 50% marginal tax rates Canadians enjoy....not.
Let's put it this way. Both Seattle's and Vancouver's art leves a bit to be desired.
Hey Rhizome, Vancouver galleries are hard to stumble across, except somewhat around Gastown. Next time you're looking around, check out commercial galleries Catriona Jeffries, Blanket, Monte Clark, and Republic, and nonprofit galleries Artspeak, Western Front, Or Gallery, Charles H. Scott, Presentation House, Audain Gallery, Belkin Gallery, Rennie Collection, and Contemporary Art Gallery. It won't stink.
@8 - at the end of the day, unless you're a millionaire, when you take health care costs and other things into account, it's pretty similar for Canadians and Americans. Except artists do better in their system, usually.

I always liked the local art places in New West and North Vancouver, but there are some interesting ones on Commercial and near UBC too.
@10 not contending that any of those you list stink. I have been to a few of them. Mostly I go on the listings in the Georgia Straight when visiting which I'm sure is not as comprehensive as The Stranger is down here. Still don't think there is as much art going on in Vancouver as in Seattle. Inclined to agree with @9 that neither city's art scene is especially fabulous but then again compared to what?