Today in Brains and Computers


So Google is going to throw the Emperor into some huge chasm and then die?

Seriously, it's not like Darth Vader made the Galactic Empire. Darth Sidious was the mastermind. Though I suppose the point could be made that Vader really had good intentions in what he was doing. He wasn't after power for its own sake, he really wanted to make the galaxy safer for people like his lost mother and wife.
The irony of hosting the anti-google screed on google-owned youtube is delicious.
@2 Yeah, they should have used vimeo, they have mp4 for mobile phones which whoops youtube's ass.

Does Google controlling our brain mean that every time we go shopping for milk we come back with 10,000 different brands, types and container sizes?

Hey Paul, I just heard about this on SciFri last week, hopefully it'll eventually turn into your first link on steroids.…