Choking Behind a Gay Bar


All these years and I never noticed Neighbours poncy British spelling. Huh.
At least he didn't solicit him for money ...

(seriously, he ran northbound? towards more gay bars?)
@2 The suspect is a regular. It sounds like he is an angry drunk, and this set him off, or something. Not a gay bashing.
You don't choke a person. Choking is when you get food stuck in the wrong pipe. You strangle a person.

Choking makes it sound less severe. What it really is is strangulation.
I'm so glad the bystander screamed. And I can't get "I felt a crunch" out of my head right now.
Don't want to get choked? Don't tell angry people to fuck off and then bite them.

Sounds like this "victim" bit off more than he can chew.

What a pussy.

Ok, so I'm so dumb I have to ask the obvious.

Was the victim gay? As in the perp was harassing him? And he was not liking the "rudeness" of the perp?

Or was the victim straight? And it was more not wanting a gay guy to come on to him?

Or were both straight, and it had nothing to do with Neighbors and was just guys fighting?

@6: Wait, he's a "pussy" for not taking flack and fighting back when he's assaulted? You're an idiot. And an asshole. And probably a child molester, but I have no hard evidence for that last one. But probably.
You can choke a person as easily as you can milk a cat, Focker.

Choke: cut off air supply to brain
Strangle: cut off blood supply to brain
#7 - fail on the sarcasm.
What's this guy got against nipples?
So if you're gay, or perceived as gay, you can say anything, provoke anyone, and if they come after you it's a hate crime?

Get me some leather and crinoline!


Keeping my mouth shut has kept me out of a lot of fights, but some idiots need to learn this the hard way.

God needs to take out the trash more often and it'd be nice if he started with reactionary assholes like you.
"reactionary assholes like you."

@15: Just to elaborate on my previous comment:

Ignoring someone who is being aggressive may be the pragmatic choice in some instances, but to say that someone who stands up to a bully and fights back is a "pussy" is just asinine. That lets the bully win every time.

And you know what? The victim here won. He suffered minor injures, but the asshole who did this is a wanted criminal. He'll get what's due to him sooner or later. And the guy who stood up to this asshole behavior is a pussy?

No, Jeff, you're the pussy.

Sorry, not pussy. Scrotum. Jeff, you're a scrotum.
If an angry drunk grabbed me by the face, I'd try to bite him, too.
The alley outside Neighbours is the only place I have ever seen a fistfight occur at a gay bar. Well, it was a fistfight until gay guy one fell to the ground and gay guy two kicked him in the head.

Stay classy, Neighbours.
Let's think about what started this. Man One tells Man Two "your nipples are showing" which is his roundabout way of saying "your cute" but you're probably some stuck up little cunt so I don't want to tell you directly. Man two proves Man One right because he is probably gay but sees that the person making the comment is either;
1) Unattractive
2) Older than 30, or
3) A Racial minority
Which elicits the "fuck off" comment. Had the person not been any of those then Man Two would have been OK with the comment. But Man One has obviously drunk and has dealt with too many stuck up little cunts that night and takes it too far to the point of committing a violent crime therefore continuing the cycle of justified cuntness at the clubs.
At first, I was completely confused why this is important, but then thought it must be here because someone on staff thought "Gay bashing!". Okay, not banner headline stuff, but this is an alt newspaper, so sure, print away.

Then #20 helps out by, I think, explaining the coded language for us staight folks with no clue. So this was a guy of unknown but likely gay orientation who used the "nipple ploy" as a way of leeringly coming on to a younger (?) good-looking (?) gay guy?

When the target of affection responded with a sneer, the would be lothario got violent? (I am asking because that summary was piss poor writing. Leaving me completely confused.)

So, in sum, it sounds like there was a physcial altercation outside a bar between two gay guys.

Um, who give a shit? This is not news.

When you have no argument, turn to petty personal attacks. It makes your case stronger.

Sorry, but my sympathy for this "victim" stopped when he told the guy to fuck off and then bit him.

You want the cops to solve stupid shit like this?

Really? I want the cops to clean up the human trash drug dealers that infest my neighborhood.

I got a better idea: Let's get these two queens to settle it in the street like real men.

You can stand on the sidelines and call the cops when the "victim" starts getting his ass whooped.
@Jeff: "settle it in the street like real men"

Well I think that sums up where you stand on this one. "Be a brutish moron, like a REAL man would".

If only there were more 'real' men, instead of all the 'fake' men, the world would be so much bet- ahahaha, sorry, I can't.

Which statement seems aggressive to you?

"Your nipples are showing" or "Fuck You!"?

Don't want to get choked? Don't incite people with words. Walk away.

The cops have bigger fish to fry than to settle petty disputes between two retarded drunks in Neighbor's alley.

While I agree that it's a waste of police time, being told to "fuck off" by someone is not a good reason to "grab [them] by the face". What kind of grown man feels the need to respond to "fuck off" with physical aggression? Was it the f-word that made him get violent? Would "bugger off" have been better? Walk away, indeed.
@1: I always figured it was named after the campy Aussie soap opera that spawned Kylie Minogue. Did they show that over here in the 80s?
@4: Do you have a citation from some special dictionary of yours, or are you just making stuff up? Because every dictionary I checked has choke as a transitive verb.
Neighbors, cops, victim should get his description out to all bars in area, find out if bartenders of other bars recognize him, then have them tip him off (reward incentive?)