"Oh my GOD you guys....that computer-enhanced baby is totally ME!!!!"


Every person in the world named Lindsay is to report to your local governmental renaming facility. Those with preexisting addictions to alcohol, cocaine and hanging your genitalia out in the breeze have first priority.

There shall be only one.

Lindy -- you're on probation. A little too close for the Mistresses' liking...
I love this so! Thank you for posting it. If Lindsay can just get the purple lady from the Oscars to be her mouthpiece on this. Pleaseplease.
I understand cocaine is a drug that makes people think they're glamorous and fascinating, but what drug makes people think they're being impersonated by CGI babies?

The same drug -- just too much of it apparently.

Actually...and it pains me to admit this... I actually thought the same thing too the one time I saw this commercial. Not that it was $100 million worth of pain and suffering, but I didn't think it was an accidentally name choice and much more cleverly political and liberal than I expected from a stock trading ad. And so timely -- I mean he's being such a baby about the whole military tribunal thing.

Oh wait, not Lindsay Graham?

Never mind.

I totally thought of Lindsay Lohan as the milkaholic baby. And I'm not just saying that because I want to be a witness for the plaintiff if this thing goes to trial. I was put on this Earth to be Kato Kaelin to Lindsay's O.J.
I want $100 Million from E-Trade from allowing fucking infants to make stock trades. Seriously, and we wonder why the economy got fucked?!?!?
Funny, her lawyer doesn't seem to have the same problem with the last 5 years of the show The Soup on E!
Lohan's case would be a lot stronger if it was the baby girl tramping out with Baby Lindsay. Do you think Sam Ronson will sue too?
Can we please outlaw these horrible commercials? They make me not want to have children.

Plain and simple. Being a three time rehabbed media whore just doesn't pay like it used to.
^Who's Linsay Lohan?^
And once she figures out that she can't make a living off of frivilous lawsuits, she will begin her long-anticipated career in porn.
I can just picture the strung out call to her lawyer. She's screaming and crying about "Milka-What?" and he's calculating the billable hours this BS will net him.
Lindsay Buckingham unavailable for comment.
The same single-name recogition as Oprah or Madonna. Yes, she's high.
It's pretty obvious to everyone (except some dense people on here) that E-Trade is specifically referring to Lohan but aren't you allowed to make fun of celebrities?
Wouldn’t SNL be bankrupt by now if you could sue?
Because it is a commercial vs. a comedy skit?
I’m confused.
Everyone knows crazy bitches are the best lays.
@4 FTW!

Am I the only one who finds these talking baby commercials fucking annoying?
You've got it, Bill W. Making fun of celebrities is fair game; doing it for profit is a very different story.

Six Shooter: That seems to be the story of my life, yeah.
@15.. then i 'm one dense bitch.. i can barely recognize her face , let alone her name.. and while the thought rarely occurs to me once every other millenia, why i would associate my decision to hire a company that specializes in stock trading with a broke coke addled and thinly talented actress is a little beyond me..
what #13 said.. lindsay buckingham makes about as much sense..
.. but as you can tell, maybe it's just because i fucked around and got old..or something
@15: "Obvious"? Really? I would say that I am a "fan" of Lindsay Lohan in my straight-guy way (meaning I think she's hot), and I'm pretty sure if it was "obvious" I would have caught the reference.

Help me understand. What does the "milkaholic" reference have to do with her? I mean, sure she drinks, but isn't that kind of a reach? Also, if the one female baby is Lindsay Lohan, who is the other female baby on the phone (I assume she's also famous)? Why does the Lohan baby, if it's supposed to be Lohan, not have red hair, or sound like her, or have anything at all in common with her besides a first name?

And do you really buy this "Oprah, Madonna, Lindsay" bullshit?
19, 20: I'm with you.
I found this commercial to be one of the most gallingly misogynist of the float of galling, misogynist ads during the Superbowl, in addition to having hated the creepy obnoxiousness of this campaign to start with.

So in the interest of these things being sued off the air, I will totally back up Lohan's claim on this one. I mean, everybody knows how obsessed the audience of the Superbowl is with troubled young actresses, so that totally makes sense.
Everyone knows who Lindsay Lohan is. Don't act like you don't, stupid "I don't own a tv" losers. You are commenting on a blog about a Super Bowl ad.
@23.. nope ..don't know her..and i watch tv.. like reglar tv too bceause i cain't afford cable. i do know what the super bowl is and i watched the ad..but lindsay lohan.. heard the name , don't know the face or why i'm supposed to make the connection.. but our household is like that..
the other night when the oscars were on and sandra bullock was making her speech, mys husband walks into the room and says' who's that ?' ..i say' sandra bullock' he says'' oh.. i hate her.... what does she do again?'
@23...I don't know who Lindsay Lohan is ---so fuck y'alls.... I AM SUMBODY!

(And yes I know about Google, but how famous can somebody be if I have to go look her up on Google?)
I totally know who Lindsay Lohan is, but her connection to the eTrade baby is beyond specious.
I know who Lindsay Lohan was.
@5 makes an interesting point. Everytime Lindsey does something Soup-worthy, which is almost every week, she's introduced with a gravelly smoker's voice intoning "It's Lindsey", in obvious homage to their much perkier "It's MILEY!" intro for that other one-named megasuperduperstar.
I hate these commercials, so I hope they get sued