1,000,000 Gay Men and Allies Against Roy Ashburn Having Sex Ever Again


He still has money.
1GMAAARAHSEA is somewhat lacking as a catchy acronym... though GAAAAAH and AAAAARGH are at least present (sort of).
#3 We have no desire to kick him when he's down. He has as someone commented on the group "a face tailer made for glory holy trolling" and a deep self loathing hatred of himself...based on everything we know...stomping on his balls would be a gigantic sexual favor to the man! I would kick him when he's down, but not for free!
Right. Like the guy is going to have any trouble finding other closeted, self-hating hypocrites to date.
He'll just go South of the border for it-

ya' know this anti-gay, anti-imigration (or anti-Hispanic) closet case can't get enough Latino Co&K!
@3 - To put it simply, I agree. Although, I believe that he needs to resign immediately. Until he does that, he is deserving of scorn, and rightly so.
yeah, 'cause using Facebook will change the world.... *sigh*
@3: he might be down, but he's not out of office.
The letters of the above-mentioned acronym do anagram to "Aha, ream saga."

So there's that.
Dear Lacking Creativity:

Look what happened to Betty White -- huge movement for her to host SNL on Facebook and what do you know? She's now HOSTING SNL. Facebook changed her life. How's it going to change yours?