The TEERZ Behind the LOLZ


You used the wrong term.

You said Libertarian.

The correct term is LIEbertarian.
I'll bet the guy who made money on the Pet Rock thought he owed his fortune to personal brilliance and not dumb luck too.

Also see this 10/19/2009 Slog posting by Dan:…
Unless you're all going to start offering better jobs to these people, what's the point of reporting on the wages? Sounds like Gawker is just pissed because they're jealous that ICHC is making money for nothing.
They do failblog, too? Damn.
Well, that squashed my dreams of working there.
Why say libertarian and douchebag? That's like saying automobile car.
I don't see what the problem is. He's offering low wages for what sound like fairly unskilled positions. If there are illegal labor practices, then these should be reported to the authorities, not bitched about in an online rumor mill.

The simple fact of the matter is that starting any kind of business from scratch takes a lot more work and a lot more risk than being a wage slave. The guy has created 30 paying positions out of thin air. How many people do any of the complainers employ? Sounds like typical bad grapes between employees and employer.
@8: "starting any kind of business from scratch takes a lot more work and a lot more risk than being a wage slave."

While that may be true, he didn't start the business from scratch a few months ago. Cheezburger Network was founded in 2007 and apparently has been profitable for the past two years.
I hate (love) to pick at simple spelling errors, but the post image has misspelled"moneh"
I can't fathom how those sites make enough money to require the sort of personal infrastructure he's talking about, but apparently, they do.

The (ironically) cliched phrase "the internet is a race" really should apply here. Stop looking at those shitty sites, world. They should be done by now.
For some reason we like think internet-based companies should be run by forward-thinking altruistic individuals... Google set that expectation with the whole "Don't do Evil" thing (not that they live up to it). Fact is, the web-world has just as many profiteering, short-sighted, megalomaniac assholes as any industry.
I really hate to defend this guy, because he's obviously a complete prick, but if you don't like the wages he's paying, don't work for him. It's a free country.
Huh is basically running the meme-driven ad-based version of chinese gold farming. He gloms onto whatever "new" thing is coming off the imagechans, registers a domain name, and harvests chanboards & user-created content while whoring the fuck out of ad-links, and paying his employees jack shit while treating them like crap.

Utter douchebag. I kinda wish /b/ would get a hold of him...
Just because something's called a "startup" doesn't mean everyone will share in the spoils if it works out.

I worked for an internet startup. The business model was given to the founder by someone else. Despite that, the founder presented himself as a business genius. I can't say he paid minimum wage, but he sure as heck didn't share his millions very broadly when he cashed out, despite the fact that lots of people bought into "the dream" and really pushed the thing over the finish line.

But that's just how private property/free market works. Same thing with Huh - he'll pay what he can get away with paying, and if anyone doesn't like the wages, best not to work there. But that's also why we need employment laws to keep a**holes like him in check. If the whole employment world looked like this, we'd be living in a dystopian nightmare.
That blog post is an embarrassment. Especially his broad dismissal of anyone that insists on talking compensation in the first interview. He says "bad candidates focus on money like that’s the only thing they’ll get out of the job" and that a candidate that brings up compensation in the first interview is an indication of "the candidate’s inability to control their personal expenses". What a fucking joke.

It's actually people like him that make it absolutely necessary to talk compensation at the first interview in this industry. Otherwise you get to a third interview and find out they offer 60% of a competitive wage--or even just less than you make now--and then you've wasted everyone's time.

#8, one of the positions was a Jr. Designer. Not exactly a low-skill position.


Yeah, but right now it's a free country with a 10% unemployment rate. These people have shit jobs that pay shit wages, but there are roughly 10 million people out there who probably wouldn't mind having these jobs, regardless of how poorly they pay or how much abuse they have to take. That's why these people are putting up with this crap, because they know there's nothing else out there right now, but plenty of people to willing to fill their empty cubicles.
Jeez, this guy's a total arrogant asshole.
How much would you really expect to be paid to look at pictures of cats all day?
Have ANYONE ever met anyone who finds that fucking CATZ garbage funny?
"Has anyone", Sorry. Still the most non-funny shit ever.
"I don't see what the problem is. He's offering low wages for what sound like fairly unskilled positions."

Less than minimum wage, when you consider that contract employees pay their own taxes.

It's less the low low pay (independent of skill level) than his snottiness about everything, mixed with the shitty nature of his site. Take 4chan meme, take actually funny macro, replace image with impact font and generic-looking stock photo of cat, make t-shirt, somehow profit off crap.
You can tell they pay minimum wage if you take a look at how shitty their failbooking site is.
Don't most of their submissions come from users, anyways? These positions are pretty low-level content managers, I'm guessing.

I'm also guessing you can tell who's in and out of favor just by checking which of the sites are really terrible or not. There's a big list of them at the bottom now, and while some are funny enough to check now and then, many of them are just horrible, not even funny for a quick one-time visit.
@5 - They do everything: . I count 44 different sites there.