Meanwhile in Pakistan


The attackers were doing what their god told them to do! Right or wrong, they are doing it! Because their god told them to!

Ingrates, all of 'em.
Merry, do you have any fucking clue what you're talking about or are you just a pathetic racist? Seriously, do you have ANY understanding about what's going on in Pakistan and why or do you just regurgitate the "muslims is bad" Fox News/Stranger line?
It's so nice of the Stranger to speak up about Pakistan. It's fucked up that it takes a few white folks dying before the Stranger decides to write something. Obama drops bombs on brown Pakistani children and the Stranger is silent. White folks die and the Strangers speaks. Yay, liberalism
@ "Jerry Seinfeld": They must have been caucasian Pakistanis then?

"Six Pakistani employees of the American Christian charity World Vision were gunned down Wednesday"
Fuck. You do know that World Vision is not only one of the largest aid operations in the world, but .. ready? .. even though they are Christians, they DO NOT allow their members to proselytize and try to convert people and hand out bibles and such? They just go in and help people out.