A Tale of Two Press Conferences: 1


I'm sorry, I don't care. I don't care how great his postcard collection is. I want him to DIE, and I want all of the glass that he ever blew or had blown for him to crumble into dust. I certainly don't want the city to build him a gigantic shop, which is what this thing is.

Jeff Wright would appear to be a walking advertisement for a 100% estate tax. The fact that he is putting this on as a chance to "do something for the city", and probably even believes it, is just maddening.

Rocked the world? No. Rocked Vegas, maybe. We don't need any Vegas around here.
Wow, and I thought I was harsh.
The Chihuly Museum would be like, if instead of the EMP, we had a Kurt Cobain museum. Individuals just aren't that important, if a city's to take a long view of its own history. Create a temple to Seattle art that can include Chihuly, but doesn't elevate him to such undeserved stature as to loom over all other Seattle artists in our public space allocation.
This is a tough one. Ever since the Sonics left town, the Center has had financial issues. Lots of tourists would pay to see this thing--love him or hate him, Chihuly is probably the most significant, or at least best known, artist to come out of the PNW in the last several decades. It doesn't go down well, though, that this thing would be built on public property. If the Wright family are such big fans, let them buy some land and build their homage to the guy on their own dime, especially since it will be a for profit venture.
This is really starting to smell (and not pleasantly, either) of "legacy envy", basically the same sort of daddy-issues that compelled shrub to run for POTUS. Frank wants a legacy, but he knows he'll never leave one even remotely resembling that of his father Howard. Still, he's gonna do his damnedest, even if it means shoe-horning it literally in the shadow of his dad's.
What @3 said. The EMP (haven't been through it since the SFM was added) isn't without flaws, but it actually encompasses quite a lot, especially if you consider all the interactive stuff. And it has events that keep the locals coming too.
Did you know that Chihuly owns the world's largest bottle opener collection?