A Tale of Two Press Conferences: 2


A Nick Cave exhibition trumps *everything* else. That is genuinely inspiring and exciting, and the best thing I've heard for SAM in quite a while.
Gnuh. the Aboriginal Art exhibit just made me come in my pants. I've been waiting for this one. Oh My God, do you know who's going to be in it?

Though I am (slightly) disappointed that it's being presented as "20,000 years", which I think places the modern work in too traditional, too ethnographic, a context. Modern Aboriginal art is the most interesting contemporary art being made anywhere today, never mind the history. Though the history's pretty fabulous too.

Oh, Jesus, a chill just went up my spine -- will they have a Rover Thomas? They've got a Dorothy Napangardi painting in SAM already (my favorite piece there); will they get another? Oh, I'm shivering. Please let there be a big fat shiny book too.
Jen: It's my recollection that Marisa was working with Trenton Doyle Hancock on piece for the sculpture park's pavilion. I think it opens late August. It will contain some element of recycling items like plastic laundry detergent tops.

Who cares...I'm still pissed the Andy Warhol screening is all sold out!

Thanks so much, Joey. Sorry! Updated.
stand-clear! boring guy coming though.

"overwhelm: early 14c., "to turn upside down, to overthrow," from over + M.E. whelmen "to turn upside down""

thus to be "whelmed" is to be placed bottom up. which is probably apropos for an admirer of Cubism.

that is all. [burp]..'scuze me.