The Morning News: Aftershocks, New Police Chiefs, and You Should Hire This Guy


Foreclosures are climbing less rapidly because banks have so much backlog they can't process anymore for now.
Massa Coverup.

Something is rotten in the Democrap Party.
Do the Corey's have one agent? If so, it should be "agent doesn't believe" otherwise if they have two, "agent" should have an "s". Wouldn't make a fuss if you guys weren't, you know, writers and editors.
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@3 as it is written it says that Mr Feldman himself and Mr Haim's agent harbor the stated beliefs, though have on interest in reading any part of the linked article to determine if this is in fact what it asserts.
@3: Yeah, I wake up two and a half hours early to do Morning News. I'm gonna count that as collateral damage, I think.
@ 5 & 6 My humble apologies. The cat pictured in my icon woke me up two hours early and am a bit cranky from an abscessed wisdom tooth. I should know better than to try and correct other people in this state.
Two-and-a-half hours?!? I can see an hour - maybe - but that seems like way too much time.
Ah shit man. Wasn't I just on here a day ago defending World Vision and saying that they were all right, because they offered aid but didn't preach? Well, I take back my endorsement.
He was applying for a job with a Christian company. Now I'm not all "yay god" and "yay religion" but when I lived in Fed Way I went to apply at World Vision because they are a large employer in the area. When I looked over their mission statement and application it clearly states that they do not separate their faith from their work, you must be a Christian to work for them.

Under US law they are allowed to do so as they are a religious organization, but the tricky part is that they receive government funding so not hiring someone who isn't of Christian faith could be a violation of that persons First Amendment rights.

I'm not saying what they are doing is right, but they are very very very clear that they only hire shouldn't have been a surprise to this guy at all.
Is Google officially a verb now ? Why can't people freaking say search ? I have to think a minute before I know the story has nothing to do with Google. Google is not the only freaking search engine out there sheesh
You know, World Vision and world relief are too separate companies. But World Relief does get seventy percent of it's funding from the federal government. It just follows that they should not be allowed to maintain discriminatory hiring practices. Also, if you read the article it notes that Mr. Ali was encouraged to apply for the position by the staff of World Relief Seattle.
Anyways, somebody should offer this man a job.