A Fresh Blast of Righteousness from The Stranger's Favorite "New Column!"-ist


If I was casting a movie and needed someone to play the role of "date rapist" I'd choose an actor who looked just like that guy.
I'm sorry, I would still bang him.
@ #2 - Why?? Guys like him generally have a very small penis, hence their over-compensation with the arrogant attitude.
Because crazy people are usually the best in bed.
I find it hard to believe that he actually wrote this. I keep finding myself thinking that one of the slog people wrote this to be funny, because, no one could actually believe this...could they? But, alas...I am wrong. People are this moronic...it truly boggles the mind.

I bet he secretly visits a transvestite dominatrix on Friday nights....because, that's the day "The Jews" keep.
he has weird eyes
@5 - He didn't write this. Come on, you actually think Mark Driscoll would agree to write a column for The Stranger? Obviously this is a joke. I think it's hilarious.
@ #4 - On that one sentence alone, I'll concede to your point. LOL
perhaps he is doing self-parody and this is all tounge in cheek. knowing Mark and his sense of humor he is over exagerating the stereotype that people have placed on him and just taking it to it's logical extremes. this is not actually how he is.
I find this to be a tired attempt at comedy. Seriously Stranger, making fun of religious people? How terribly original of you.