I Miss Battlestar Galactica


Whoa, the "whole" thing? Even Season 4? And to a lesser extent, Season 3?
Yeah, mostly... except for the finale, which I found disappointing. But man, when Tigh and Adama retake the bridge in Season 4 it made me want to have a threesome with them.
I don't think I've seen an episode since the first season, so I guess that means I don't miss it much. I still miss the original Star Trek, though - does that count?
I liked the moment of silence in the middle for Fat Lee Adama.
One of those six episodes of Caprica was pretty good.
@5 - nah, many were pretty good.
I miss BSG like I miss my hs boyfriend - happy nostalgia but happy that it's just nostalgia.
@4 "Now I want you to turn around and get your fat ass outta here!"
@4 I've been watching Caprica, and while I like the culture and universe still, I just can't get excited about the main plotline with the Zoe-Cylon. Which is a problem.
Oops, @5, Nat.

In other news I will be stalking my favorite toaster, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol) at ECCC this weekend.
@2: I most heartily agree, both on the 3some and the finale. I'm just praying to the Gods, The One True God, and Jacob that Lost's grand design doesn't end with the same sort of giant self-masturbatory non-answer Deus Ex Machina that BSG did.
@3: TOS has the best written dialogue of any televised scifi. Counts in my book, at least.
@10: Ditto on Douglas. Did you know he has his own show now? It's called The Bridge (unsure if it'll broadcast outside Canada). I'm not sure I'd watch it, but I'm glad somebody figured out he's a sterling actor who deserves a job.
Best sci-fi series ever, period. The third and fourth seasons were great. Sure, not as good as the first two, but at least the finished the series. Unlike firefly.....
@11, I have hope for Lost, I really do. I'm all hopey. Please, Lost, don't disappoint me!!!

@12, I totally want to see that show! I heard about it awhile ago, but haven't found it... I hear he plays a union boss again (like the mining ship episode). Swoon!

@13, Agreed on all counts.
That is my current favorite mashup. And yes, since I saved the last few seasons in HD off my Tivo, I may be tied up for awhile.
Fraking awesome. Now I have to start watching the series again...well, I just finished up rewatching Xena & Brisico County, Jr.
Would've been better if they'd taken clips from Galactica 1980.
Last year I crashed the ECCC and *literally* ran into the actor that plays Saul Tigh coming out of the bathroom... It was odd seeing that "deer in headlights" look he employs so often on the show right in front of my face.
Caprica is a secret cafe that only serves delicious sandwiches.
It's so angsty! It's BSG with the tone of Wild Palms, VR5, all those noir-y, virtual reality shows that were canceled before they passed a season, sometimes for good reasons. Jim Belushi just isn't a super good cast as ambiguous future corporate detective hero.
@ Mary P. Traverse " But man, when Tigh and Adama retake the bridge in Season 4 it made me want to have a threesome with them."

Well I don't think you can give a show much more validation than that! I miss the whole thing myself. All four seasons. I will admit that I caught the bug late. I rented the miniseries one rainy summer day between semesters in law school. I had balked because I didn't really care for the original. But I gambled the 4 bucks anyway. Instantly addicted and jonesing for my fix every Friday night. Now? It's like I cleaned up, but I don't have any support.

"Hi I'm joe and I'm a BSG addict..."