Everyone Still Loves Bacon, Right?


I wonder if the stars on the ribbon represent his Panamanian birth, or if they're a reaction to the Death Panels his former running mate Sarah Palin created in her Welfare State?

Either way, they need to get the approval from their party leader, Rush Limbaugh. He might not like the logo.
Oh come on, lookit him... Rush MUST like bacon.
Three stars in the Navy (in which McCain served) is Vice Admiral, which is the penultimate officer rank.

I really hope the logo had two stars, meaning...well...Rear Admiral.
And by hope, I meant wished...
Help me out, OK.

They both say McCain. Both blue and white. The both have the same thing, a flag and a star. I mean obviously a flag isn't exactly the same thing as a star but they're practially the same thing, aren't they?

One has some yellow and one has some red. Is that what I'm supposed to notice?
Despite the bacon resemblance this is far from a good logo.
Everybody loves bacon. But that doesn't look much like bacon to me. Maybe he'd have a better chance if it did.
Is that a hernia truss?
@6, point taken. But W's logo kicked Kerry's lame type-treatment, and Obama's team's designs have been consistantly excellent.
I wonder if salivating is the intended reaction to this logo. If so, mission accomplished. Now I want bacon. But I still don't want to vote for McCain.
I think this would work better for McCain + Bacon: http://tiny.cc/lI4me

I, Baconcat, refuse to endorse the re-election efforts of John Sidney McCain III.
Looks like a moth-eaten AIDS ribbon.
Push button, receive McCain.

I love one of the comments at the page linked: "it's a woman's eyes peering out from behind a burkha!"
It's not bacon. It's a scarf covering up the face of an Arab terrorist. You can see him in there with his shifty, starry eyes.
I thought the deciding issue in 2000 and 2004 was "Who would you rather have a beer with?".

And the stupid voters chose the guy who gave up drinking...
That's really a terrible logo - but then again I've been programmed at an unconscious level by my cultural environment to loathe red, so of course I'm not going to like it. Even trying to adjust for that, though, it's not a good logo.

All the same, if McCain loves bacon, so much the better. The more he eats, the sooner he keels over.

In fact, I think all legislators should be entitled to all the bacon they can eat at all times. It'll give us more turnover among all the old fat white men that fill up Congress.

Could be a Fruit Rollup....John is all about the 80s....

Bacon will rise up and SMITE John McCain for this slander.
Bacon, yes, but also that horrid ribbon candy that the mean grandma had at christmas time. Get off my lawn! What's wrong with this candy?

Yep, totally in keeping, totally representative.
Also hinting, a little, of wet noodle. With barbed wire.
Well, from the viewer's POV, the ribbon points decidedly to the right. AND the looping creates a definite "C", which of course stands for "conservative", so there's lot's of subliminal messaging going on here as well (although strangely, the "TM" bug sort of sends a decided "this image is a corporate logo" message, but with most conservatives, that probably represents a plus).

I'm a bit surprised the backfield with the stars wasn't outlined in blue instead of red, which would have been even more evocative of the flag, if that was the effect they were attempting. But, maybe they figured too much color juxtaposition would only confuse the bubbas...

And of course, we can't discount the positive connotations a bacon-like image would have with the unwashed masses.
That is a horrible logo, and a horrible font. The font looks like they were going for "serious and authoritative" and ended up with "dusty old fuddy-duddy"
maybe it's also supposed to suggest a wall? like between AZ and teh Mexicens?
But if Rush likes bacon, that would make him cannibalistic!
I would seriously like, in one of these innumerable "horrible font" posts, for someone to explain in plain English just what is so horrible about the font.