Thanks for Coming to Slog Happy!


The Cuff. It's Beareoke night and you can probably very easily get the host Jonathan out a bit early and the patio opened. The patio has stand-up heaters in case it's not as warm as expected.
I like that idea! And I'm sorry I wasn't there last night, but I had a family obligation.
Did the curds have a "snap" or a "squeak"?
Cuff sounds fun.

And Dan should just admit he was watching a DVD with the family ...
@2: Glare.
I remember there was talk of venturing out Ballard way, maybe to People's Pub.
Last night was fabulous! Megan was queen of the jukebox and I now have 4 books I need to read in a month and do book reports for.
Oh, and Megan- where's that really awesome picture of the onion rings?
By the way, that $3 burger was pretty amazing.
and let's have it on the 15th. I'm in Atlanta on the 8th. I guess that if I can handle Pony I could probably handle the cuff. Maybe this summer we could have a Merc/Stranger happy hour at Mary's Club in the PDX. You Mo's should have to put up with a little vajayjay once in a while, and the booze will make it easier. We could all ride the train down...

The more I talk about this the more I like it. 50 sloggers drinking on the train. Think of the abuse Hump-Me will take when we get down there.
@9: I remember getting the brief chance to heap insult on Humpy when I was hanging out at Club 21 with Scott a few years ago, but I didn't. I don't know why. I just... I just don't know why I didn't.

I'd like to make amends for my mistake.
I think I'm going to have to make it to the next one, just to prove to my own eyes that a cat can be made entirely out of bacon.
@6 or you could do Brouwer's ...
@8 - it was $2.50 - and pretty awesome.

@7 - yeah, that fries shot was amazing!
Does The Cuff serve food? Seriously, no offense to the bears, but if I'm gonna drink I gotta have food.

And oh puhleeze post the Tobacco Rings pic!
That $2.50 burger and fries will be the end of me. I'm already planning on going back today after work.
@15 - nice meeting you last night.
+1 vote for the Cuff, since that means I'd be able to do double duty after rugby practice!
@14: Chicken fingers, onion rings, fries, jalapeno poppers, fish sticks, corndog nuggets, mac and cheese -- the typicals.

On Thursdays through Sundays, however, they have a full menu with a 1/3 lb burger (the Cub), 1/2 lb burger (the Bear), nachos, mac and cheese, chicken burger, turkey sandwich, plus the above, I believe.