"This is the most important thing in my life."


maybe his time would be better spent learning how to revive his dead mother with the dark arts.

i just pooped.
Worth the wait?

That wasn't what Sarah Palin said when she went to BC for medical care ... she soaked up all that taxpayer-subsidized single payer national health care like it was cotton candy ...
Good lord, I can't stop crying. That kid's quiet grief says so much more about the injustice of our system than any amount of yelling I've ever done.
We dont' pay to manage the care for a mother with a mangeable potentially fatal condition like this (pulmonary hypertension) but we do pay lots of money (via insurance premiums and medicare) for useless images (which doen't influence the course of care) and costly placebos (accupuncurea dn chiropractic manipulation) for lower back pain.
Marcelas, you're one intelligent young man with a bright future, your mom is just smiling with pride from heaven. We're all gonna be hearing more about this kid in the not so distant future.
@4 - did you know that Canadians pay 1/10th as much for their placebos as we do?

Yeah, surprising fact, that.
so powerful and awesome. this kid is amazing.