No Horn


It looks like the jerkholes who own the Unicorn needed some new decorations for their wall.
Fucking impotent Chinese assholes. Can we nuke them now?
I think I'm going to be sick.
That's one of the worst things I've ever seen.
Why can't you add a warning for violent, gory photos? Just because there isn't any nudity doesn't mean that it is safe for work. Now I am only further desensitized to animal violence.
Why post that horrific image without some kind of warning? That's an act of aggression. I can't wash that out of my brain.

I get that you don't feel an emotional response to this sort of thing--your objection to this kind of savagery seems intellectual, not visceral--but that literally just ruined my day. Had you so much as hinted that it was that sort of thing, I wouldn't have clicked through.

Worse things happen to the animals that become supermarket meat. Just sayin'
I swear, sometimes I think it would be good if vets removed horns from all the rhinos. They would be a lot safer.

And yes, humans frequently suck. The planet would be better off without them.
...not that that makes this any less deplorable, because it doesn't.
This photo shows humane removal of a rhino horn from an anesthetized rhino above the live-tissue level by wildlife veterinarians and rangers. The procedure reduces the risk of the animal being brutalized by poachers, but is somewhat controversial because the effects on social behavior (dominance and mate choice) are largely unknown.

The International Rhino Foundation is a great organization, if you would like to donate to rhino-conservation efforts.
I meant to add the rather obvious observation that a dead (poached) rhino can neither mate nor compete.
@6....I completely agree and couldn't have said it any better. You should go write for Hustler, Charles. And I don't mean that in any sort of nice way.
Do you people never use the internet?