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Sure, appeal that decision on the gun ban. They haven't wasted nearly enough of your tax dollars. And you don't mind making the lawyers a little richer, right?
A new set of star velocity data reveals that Gliese 710, an orange dwarf star 63 light years from Earth, has an 86 percent chance of plowing into our Solar System within the next 1.5 million years. Even a "near" miss, by thousands of AU, might still be enough to disrupt the Oort Cloud of comets and other icy objects skirting the distant edges of our system.

The good news is that most of us probably won't be around in a million and a half years to see this.…
Pope offended by attempt to link him to things he did.
Excellent sub-headers this morning!
And Some People Call him the Gangster of Love, and some people call him Maurice.
Good news today on the Obama health care front, they're reporting that Pelosi is predicting passage. They have done a good insiderish nonchange maneuver: linking student loan reform to health care.

I like it. Anyway they can get those last 6 votes in the House, I like it.

so they're giving up on the Stupakians motivated by the abortion thing.

instead using economic populism to reach those conservadems worried about cost but not abortion funding.

Yes economic populism, exactly what you ALWAYS need to get socially conservative dems on board. To counter the right wing peeling off those voters.

Huh, why not go all out agin' the damn wall streets banks then, and agin' the big fat insurers, too, I'm sure that would 've worked even better.

But anyway today two cheers for Obama.

And to those who think the plan isn't good enough:


Once the feds are regulating premiums total regulation of every thing else will follow and by holding down premium increases we put the insurers in a death spiral and in about 2 years we'll be back for a public option.
Also dead: Slats. FYI.
@7: for real?!
Cherchez la femme

James Ellroy?
@8: For reals. RIP.
Damn. RIP indeed, Slats. You were one of a kind.