Go Vote Today for King Conservation District Supervisor


Wait, you mean it's not at ALL the libraries, just the very inconvenient one downtown in Seattle?

I voted at 11:15 and there were about 20 people.
As a bonus for voting, there's a PNB preview of "3 By Dove" at the Main Library at Noon.
I'm in a line of about 40 people at the Bellevue library. I first mistook the line for the AARP tax help, which is in the room next door. Everyone in line looks retired.
I'm on my way to the downtown library to vote. Thanks for the heads-up.
For people in North Seattle, the Shoreline Library is easy to get to. Polling at Shoreline is open until 8pm.
It's at 345 NE 175th ST. From I-5 North or South:
Take the NE 175th St. exit, (exit #176). Go east on NE 175th St. The Shoreline Library is on the right side of NE 175th, (on the corner of NE 175th St. and 5th Ave NE).
Metro Bus Routes 347 and 348 go by the Shoreline Library.
Just got back from the Downtown library. I think all the young professionals are down there now during their lunch break. Lots of talk about Max.
can anyone confirm that you DO NOT need to be a registered voter? i understand all you need is a valid washington state I.D. or drivers license...
There were at least 100 people at the downtown library at 12:30 and the line kept getting longer.
I'm heading downtown to vote now, but I still don't see how this election setup could possibly be legal.
Thanks @6 - great info!
Just voted! 10 minute wait.
Just voted (as did another co-worker). 5 minute wait.

Here's more on why the situation is what it is: http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/op…
Voted at about 3:30. Less than a 5 minute wait, and nobody behind me in line. And in unrelated news, I thoroughly enjoyed my walk in the invigorating hurricane conditions from Seattle Ctr to the library.
depends on where you go, in Redmond, it was more than 30 minutes at times.
Why are we (and you?) just now hearing about this? I don't follow that many news posts but I keep a group in my favorites- Can you lead to a site where I can stay informed, before the day OF? It's too late to get time off to vote for this but I could have gotten the time to go vote- paid even- with a little notice. I'd love to know in the future if you could point me in the right direction.
@16 You can try to keep an eye on King Conservation District's web page. http://www.kingcd.org/index.htm

or follow them on twitter

or sign up for their newsletter
There was still a steady 20-person queue when I voted at 6:30 so I guess turnout was pretty good, relatively speaking.

I heard turnout was high in Bellevue, though, so that doesn't bode so well, does it?

@16, I heard about it from KCD because I've done volunteering with them before and I'm on their mailing list. I don't know where else you might hear about it. The only other place I've seen mention of it was a little while ago here on Slog.
From the KCD website: "Max Prinsen of Auburn wins King CD election with 42% of the vote. Mara Heiman comes in second with 35%. More detailed election results to come later this week."
see also: "King Conservation District's online election drew fewer voters," by Keith Ervin, Seattle Times, March 20, 2011, http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/lo…