The Morning News: Jerusalem Tensions, Michael Jackson's Unlimited Future, and Gallons of Monk Blood


nice roundup Lindy.

Fox News had a graphic of states expected to gain and lose congressional seats after the census and it showed Washington staying the same.
Is this something new?
I thought we were gaining a seat...
Brule's Rules is probably the most redeeming thing about that show.
Blood is cool, but it was a lot more powerful when the monks lit themselves on fire back in the old days.
The earthquake was fun. Woke me up at 4:00 am, Took a wizz, got some water, went back to bed.
Tim & Eric Awesome show Great Job! is arguably the funniest show on television. It's very polarizing though, you either LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it or HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it.

I'm firmly in the Love it camp.
@5 Not to buck the trend or anything, but I like some of it...and sometimes they go a little too far (not a fan of gross-out humor).