Re: Mmm... Delicious... You Must Have Stepped In Vomit On Your Way to the Airport, Am I Right?


These gents own the jewelry shop and bring their dog in every day; with gem dealers dropping in routinely, they must have thought this might happen at some point, no?
God damn goldens. Too stupid for their own good.

Unless the dealer had gotten peanut butter and jelly on it. Stupid dealer.
Most would have waited. People hold their pets in high regard.
Dogs suck.
There *are*
@3 Also there are these things called laws. You can't just chop a fucking dog open.
I'm just surprised the dealer let the dog leave! Wouldn't have surprised me if he remedied the situation by feeding the dog laxatives and watching it like a hawk.

@6 There are third world countries where the owner of the diamond would have slit the dog open without a second thought. I think that's what Charles was getting at.
If it was a pig, of course, it would be totally okay to chop it open right there.

Really, it's not about who's "third world" and who's not - it's just about which sentient critters are "pets" and which are "food".
@7 I would have thought the same thing but he brought in the recession. That's a 1st world country "pressure."
If it was me, those folks would have paid for the diamond on the spot. A diamond covered in shit is not the same thing as a diamond that's not. Goddamn dogs do not belong in stores.
Maybe they can sell it for MORE money now, like that weird kinda pooped-out coffee...... You know, that kopi luwak stuff...

This is probably the world's only luwak diamond...
i've never tried it before but i hear diamonds can be washed with soap and water -- even autoclaved if you're so inclined! -- after which it is no longer covered in shit and has been restored to its original, shit-free value.