The City Animal


Are you posting while stoned again?
"On the back of a beast", an excellent simile. A well-designed city has activity of a sort going down as far under the sidewalk as it does above it.
Naw, it's Mudede - the odds are better that he's drunk.
so this is why they closed all those bus stops near Denny and Broadway?
Will in Seattle photo location identification fail.
Nice one Charles.
We're talking about a subway, and a coffee store. And most of my friends care about the closed bus stops due to ... the subway.

God, you'd read Heart of Darkness and think it was an allegory for why Caesar should have conquered Bosnia.
Perhaps you should move there Charles? Again, there are a thousand, nay ten thousand philosopes like you maintain there. Any many many Europeans, which we know you love and chase.
@7, you are beyond a doubt the stupidest, most useless, most aggravatingly off-topic piece of shit human being who has ever lived.
I think that this post is partially a response to Chronic City.
For fucks sake... I demand Will & Fnarf get a monthly column they have to write together for Slog.
Shaking, not shacking (up or otherwise) but I love you anyways Charles.
Joe, I'd propose a duel, but given the limited experience with guns that both of them have, the bystanders would probably be more at-risk than the participants.
@13, I've fired a few guns in my time. I'm a bit slow on the draw, though. I'd rather just watch as hired thugs kick his liver in half.
LOL. We tried that once. Don't go down that road.
@15, we did?

You're delusional again. Wrong pills, Will.
He really does seem to be more loopy than usual today. I think you might be right about the meds.

Re: Hired thugs - how much are you paying?
$10 for blood. $25 for black blood. Not much, but think of the satisfaction.
Joe @ 11, I would read and enjoy that. Make it weekly.
Charles's urban shamanism is right on here.

When I was brand new to Seattle, I used to sit in the window of All City Coffee, almost directly above the tunnel entrance, watching the trains disappear below and missing real cities with their layers of infrastructure and fully utilized space.

I haven't stood in that spot in a long time. If only there were anything to DO in Seattle when one is neither hungry nor thirsty...