Night at the Auction


I second this. An auction is just about the best free entertainment you can find. And not just art; Sunset auctions up in Edmonds is great fun, and stuff goes for as little as a few dollars.
Yes, this auction place is pretty unpretentious, I not being a coffee drinker was pleased to see the church-basement calibre giant urn of java. If one has the stamina, a tour of the effluvium held in booth-like quadrants is recommended. Great to hear Form/Space Atelier exhibited artist Joe Reno was successfully traded at the auction.
Nearly everything I own is from Pacific Galleries, down to my mattress. It is a cheapskates' paradise.
Damn, I wanted to go bid on that Charles Krafft piece but figured it would quickly go out of my price range. All I can say is, Damn!
"stupid glass-and-granite bird bath" ha ha ha ha hahahahahahahhaha!!!!
You need to try Hamilton Auctions in Tacoma. They get some really great items including fine art and lots of smalls (ceramics and glass) that most anyone can afford. There is also McMillan's Auction in Mt. Vernon.
I bought a Robert Natkin at a garage sale for $7.00, I believe its a apollo series acrylic on paper multicolored striped abstract and will sell it for a lot less than $24,000, The first $4.000 takes it. email me at for pics.
jennytimmergurney, if you still have that Natkin painting you think you have, contact