Re: The Mysteries of DePauw University


Oh, Jen, thanks for taking me back. I worked at the MoG in 03 and 04 and walked by those things every day.
"I was rooting for them to go AWOL and fall, but they were taken down the traditional way."

you were rooting for them to go Absent Without Official Leave?
A similar kind of thing was built in the entrance way to the school assembly building at my high school. In a addition to being a fire hazard (blocking exits from a theater) it was hideous. It met its end in the school parking lot; a student came in on the weekend before it was to be dismantled and made the lauded decision to burn it in a teacher's parking spot instead.
So is Dan a non-progressive Glenn Beck clone now too?
I LOVED those structures when they were at MoG, I enjoyed being able to go inside of them, and when they started to sag and otherwise react to the elements, I thought that was great, too: temporary art installation succumbing to time. I root for MORE Patrick Doughtery!