Oh, Man


damn baby... give the chihulinator some honey. he loves you. you know that.
Ugh. I can only agree with you on the Chihuly paintings. Just self indulgent and awful.
Hmm. Is there a lobby on the Broadway side of The Broadway Building? I'm moving there next month, and I know for certain that the resident lobby is in the back... on Nagle Place, facing the tennis courts. But there's retail and office space on the Broadway side, so maybe there's a lobby on that side too?
Hmm. Is there a lobby on the Broadway side of The Broadway Building? I'm moving there next month, and I know for certain that the big resident lobby is in the back, on Nagle Place, facing the tennis courts. But maybe the office/retail space on the Broadway side has it's own lobby?
Perfect venue for him. Maybe he can get some supermarket-opening gigs too? Car dealerships?

Now, I'm imagining him standing outside a big box warehouse store with a giant pair of scissors morosely mumbling, "By Pollock's paintbrush - what a savings!"
If he's so good why can't he blow himself an eye?
I loved Mille Fiori and the Bellagio ceiling, and even the seaforms don't bug me. But those friggin putti (little Chihulys in my view) are terrifying and horrible. He hides them all over and I haaaate them.
Looks like crap.
Nobody wants that Chihulhy Museum at Seattle Center, not even city councilmembers.

Why can't he open something in Pioneer Square as a tourist attraction?
A couple of those paintings look ok. But, he has too many and they all look alike.

What do you have against condiment squirt bottle art? I love the picture with Dale and his broom: he looks like the assistant manager at Safeway doing a ketchup and mustard clean-up on aisle 12.
Don't knock the paintings til you've had to sell them to gushing "art collectors." THEN you can knock em all the live-long day.
I will go ahead and call myself a Chihuly hater.

He once was an artist, and a good one. But that was a long time ago. Now he's the (egomaniacal) manager of an art corporation.
@10, that's not what the councilmembers are telling me.

Bagshaw's not too impressed, but I think Rasmussen is for it, and Godden, well, here's what she just wrote in an email to me (obviously a staffer press release of some kind): "I have always found Chihuly glass art to be a true inspiration. Chihuly’s work reflects the essence of Seattle and Western Washington. It is important that we find ways to honor Chihuly’s creativity and share it with all Seattleites."

Barf. Vomit. Chihuly's glass art is a true inspiration to full bowel release.

But this thing is going to happen. Most councilmembers' reaction is to immediately gravitate towards the famous guy. He's going to get his gift shop.
I love 'em!
OK, so here's the weird thing Jen (and I do hope you see this and reply because it really freaks me out): I went to that first Mille Fiori at the Tacoma Art Museum and was just gaga about it. I adored it.

About 24 months ago I was at the museum and stopped in the office (not the box office, the museum office) seeking some information about that installation (I can't remember why) and no one knew anything about it! I was incredulous and expressed my dismay and two staffers (who admitted their tenure was not long-standing) even went into press files...and couldn't find a thing. What's up with that?
@17: Going into press files would yield them a whole lotta stuff...because I was among many people who wrote about "Mille Fiori" when it opened in 2003. You just ran into a bunch of clue-not-havers is all.
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