Pioneer Square's Brand-New Deli Sounds AMAZING


Oh, man - that menu is serious. I wish they offered half-sandwiches, though. I like a smallish lunch.
I wish I still worked in SoDo. Damn.
"Jewish Pickle"?
@3 that's what I call mine, wouldn't want it in a sammich though
I stopped by on Saturday (they were open a couple days before their official grand opening) and it is, indeed, quite awesome. I had the Mud Honey and it was fantastic. I'm super excited that they are a block from my office.
Hel-LO, people!

Uh I've been a couple of times already and it's not amazing. It's ok. Just because these people are so beautiful and hip and connected to your fav bar and they spend money on design doesn't an amazing sandwich make.

Their bread is from Central and the ingredients are pretty good, but it's not anything we don't have around here. We do have Salumi's, Tats, and a quick bus up to the market can grab you amongst other things an I Love New York Deli 'which which will butt slam these pretentious pretty boys.

What we really need around these parts is a decent slice of pizza.
aardvark @6, Pizza Pro is pretty good. It's not earthshaking, but definitely decent... And right across the street from Tat's!

What I miss in Pioneer Square is soup. Soupdaddy's used to be my favorite place for lunch on a cold, rainy day.
I realize this is a deli, but of the 24 sandwiches on that menu, only ONE is vegetarian. And it's called The Activist. How lame. So if you're a vegetarian and you don't like eggplant, and you're with a crowd of people who want to get lunch here, you're screwed. Never mind all the fabulous ingredients available (the breads! the cheeses! the frickin' aiolis and pickes and peppers!), and the whole air of social responsibility; as far as this place goes, it might as well be 1975.

Are vegetarians still considered freaks in Seattle? How can this be? I thought you were progressive.
@7: I know! When did Soup Daddy's go out of business? I was sad when I saw that the other day.

And I'll second you on Pizza Pro's decentness, too.
Fucking vegetarians always have to bitch. Make your own sandwiches or go some place that does cater to your fucked up world view
I actually just went here for lunch, and it was OK. The meatball sub was, frankly, a disappointment, with a sauce that was a little bitter and was crying out for a rounder flavor. The two other guys with me seemed happier with their sandwiches, but "amazing" was nowhere near anybody's lips. "Fine" was used a lot, along with "not bad". We'll try again, but honestly, we have to walk past Tat's to get there, so "fine" isn't going to hack it.

Oh, and Pizza Pro is good.
@8 I'm sure they'd be more than happy to make you one of their omnivorous sandwiches sans meat.
#8 - I'm sure you could order whatever components you'd like in your sandwich, just like at any real deli. If it's "from the menu only", that's just stupid.
Pizza Pro is not decent. I wish to god I could agree but it's barely edible. Yes I'm from the East Coast and this isn't about pizza so I won't touch it here.

I want Delicatus to be good but this post is over the top. I'll give it some time but really there are great sandwiches in quite a few spots around here and the sub-great are not that bad either.

I am looking forward the their liver + something else sandwich. But if I want to impress my friends I'll take the to Salumi's.

@8 And true that about the vege menu, that's pretty lame they can only come up with one vege sandwich. Even if they say "we'll make it however you want", that doesn't cut it. They need to come up with something they are the chefs.
@9 I don't think Soup Daddy is totally out of business. I believe they moved somewhere in or near the old PI building. their rent more then doubled a couple of years ago so they had to move. The spot where they used to be is still vacant. Good move, landlords!
@9 and 15, Soup Daddy's actually moved into the Seattle Times building in South Lake Union. I haven't had their soup since.

Aardvark, I can't fault you for being a pizza snob. I'm from Texas, and I feel the same way about Seattle's BBQ. But Pizza Pro works for my palate!
also the new pho place on 1st is taking too long to open!.... we need pho, this one better not suck
U want a great East coast style sandwich in Pioneer Square? Go to Tat's Deli. You won't be disappointed!
@14: Exactly, thank you! They are chefs. And it's embarrassing to always have to make a special order. It's a hassle and it makes you stand out as weird or different -- and there really should be nothing unusual about abstaining from meat. A lot of people have difficulty digesting it, or avoid it for health or religous reasons, or go off it for political reasons and just lose their taste for it.

But after reading BJC's post below, I get the feeling that being veggie is akin to being a naive hippie anarchist in many Seattleites minds -- hence "The Activist". I find that a bit insulting.

They could easily come up with 3-8 veggie choices with all those amazing ingredients at hand.
Yeah, it's not very bright of these folks to not put their obviously fertile minds to work coming up with some sweet-ass veggie options. I still fantasize about this cafe in Santa Cruz that used to serve these awesome toasted sandwiches with, like, spinach and roasted mushrooms and fresh mozzarella and artichoke hearts and... I don't even remember what all. Yum.

I work in SLU and have tried Soup Daddy a few times. Unimpressed with the soups (few of which are veggie, come to think of it) and they somehow managed to redecorate a depressing basement space to make it more depressing.

Also, Dan Savage should avoid it because someone who seems to eat there frequently has their dog sitting at the table with them.
Maybe its because I m from Philly, but the lambshank sammich was lame. 9 bucks for a lame sammich. The place is cool, but salumi kicks its butt. The waitress who brings the small, lame sammich is super nice. Okay. Next.
@19 .. so haven't been here long? vegetarians are easy to pick on b/c they are so sensitive. and vegetarians are threatening to my freedom, my pastrami with melted provolone. but maybe in seattle there is just a reaction to veges b/c people are reacting to anything stereotypically pc. i dont know. lets talk sandwiches! what do you want on your vege sandwich? roasted pepper and portabella slathered in garlic and olive oil topped with 1/2" of fresh mozzarella? actually you know who makes a great vege sandwich or two we are overlooking? cherry st coffee.

also, about the bread, which i guess is from essential not central, but anyway, it's not really my kind of sandwich bread. its sort of why central's sandwiches are just ok too- it's hard to get past the bread which sort of stands out on it's own too much.
Pizza Pro is bad in an airport-Sbarro bad, bad way. Aardvark is right-- I would gladly give up any current business in Pioneer Square-- except for Magic Mouse Toys-- in exchange for a place with a decent slice of pizza downtown. Even a Pagliacci-by-the-slice franchise would better than the total lack of acceptable options we have right now.... just give us something within lunching distance.
Saw this post and sounded like an ideal lunch today. Unfortunately, though the service is very amiable and the space is quite nice, the sandwiches just weren't up to snuff. The have good ingredients, but they're sorely lacking flavor and are a little too spare with veggies and condiments. My "Fire of 1889" was probably the least spicy thing I've ever eaten.
@22: Ha -- I don't live in Seattle; I'm on Vancouver Island, but my partner is down there all the time for work, and he has a hell of a time. Meat gives him stomach cramps and worse, plus he's politically opposed to industrially farmed meats (as am I). So whenever he gets the special order on work lunches, he gets treated like -- well, frankly, like he's "queer". Men, especially, look at him with suspicion, like he's going to sidle up and violate them with a carrot or something...

Sandwiches! I like a simple tomato, mozza & pesto on sourdough bread; or avocado, fresh garden tomato, and smoked gruyere with garlic mayo... roasted vegetables are good, especially with creamy chevre on chewy whole-grain levain bread, or smoked tofu with sauteed spinach and mushrooms, and a grainy mustard... and of course, a good hummus and tomato on toasted cheese-laced bread... yumm!

I'll remember Cherry St. Coffee next time I'm in Seattle.

@26 - do you eat meat if it's not industrially farmed?
@26 - do you eat meat if it's not industrially farmed?
@20 I think that's the owner's dog. He sits on chairs like people. The strange thing about soup daddy soups is they all taste the same. There's really no difference between the Corn Chowder and the Brocolli Cheese or the Spinach mushroom. And just for the hell of it they'll toss in a piece of pasta and some random vegetable.
@27: No, I'm so used to eating vegetarian that I don't bother; I wouldn't even know how to cook it. Plus, after all this time, even a salmon steak will leave me with nausea and stomach pains (even though it tastes good going down). Although I'll always eat my dad's smoked trout, because I love my dad and it's so delicious that it's worth a few stomach pains.

I support people who do, though. I think the real key is to eat meat infrequently (meaning not every day), and to get it from good sources. Then it's enjoyed as a true pleasure, and not taken for granted.
How many vegetarians does it take to change a light bulb?

One: he stands in place and the world revolves around him.
I went today and got a Reuben. The kraut on the Reuben was actively terrible--mushy and bitter. But, since the sandwich had hardly any 'spicy Russian dressing' I left the sauerkraut in place.
A good Reuben should be a total mess to eat; I'm OK if it's not bigger than my head since I can never even finish half of those anyway (although they're great at I Love New York). I barely touched my napkin, and in fact I even peeled it apart to make sure it had any sauce at all.
The meat (texture and flavor) and cheese (flavor) were both really good, which made the condiments sadder. This seems like a case of 90% great ingredients combined with really weird ideas of what makes a great sandwich.
I believe the Reuben was $7.75; cheaper than most places unless you're including Subway. (I don't know if Subway even offers a Reuben.)
I also had a "fire of 1889" today. I ate half the sandwich and then looked at the other half. The roll is literally dry inside. I took the second half to the counter for more sauce which they were happy to provide. I asked if they were running low on sauce since they seemed really busy. They said "no, people just like sandwiches that way." I should have said "lacking in taste and dry?" but I didn't. The extra-sauced half was a vast improvement though more sauce was still needed.

I'm going back. Next time I go I'm special ordering four-times the normal amount of sauce. Just saying "extra sauce" will not get the job done.
@30: Er, except that predictable deli menu proves that you've got it exactly backwards. Good try, though.
something about this menu says "over reaching" but i am still curious and trying out tomorrow. but really, if i am in PSq and getting a sammich, i find myself waiting at salumi for some goodness.

and while i am on the PSq tip, fuck tat's. garbage and dirty.
I find it surprising that people have a hard time finding veggie options in Seattle, or that people react badly to being around Vegans/Vegetarians. I'd say my circle is split 50/50 omni/veggie and there's never been an issue with us finding lots of great places with great options. Vegans definitely have a harder time, but when you're restricting you're diet that much (like with carbs, macrobiotic, etc.) eating out becomes something of an impossible dream.
Yet again, Seattle just doesn't get it.
Zoe's meats ain't local. I hope people realize that. menu looks like Seattle attitude with
hope of looking like east coast attitude. good luck
From other comments, it sounds like they spent more time on the menu than the food. Restaurateurs: your menu can be written on a paper sack if 30 random people off Craigslist try your food and report that it's awesome. Before opening, ask them.
Went for lunch today and what a letdown. I had to wait about a half hour to get my sandwich and it wasn't very good. The bread was very dry and overall not very flavorful. I expect a lot more for 8 bucks. Sorry but I will stick with Salumis or Tats. Hell Subway is even better.
I'm a Pioneer Square resident and have been to Delicatus twice since they opened. Sadly my experience with them really sucked. The service was weird and rude and the sandwiches were horrible. I've ordered the chicken salad and the bbq chicken. The bread was stale, the meat was bland and dry - I've had better meals in hospital cafeterias. The chicken salad as described in their menu is chicken, mayo, onion, celery, lettuce, and tomato, served with chips and a pickle. All I got on my sammie was chicken and mayo, seriously, I don't think they even seasoned it with S&P. Plus no pickle on the side, just a bag of chips and some cross-wise stank eye. I'll go back in a month or two and give them an honest re-try, but for now I'll be heading to the Essential Bakery Cafe or The Elliott Book Store Cafe, two of my fave PS eateries and just a block or two away from Delicatass.
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