McCain: GOP No Longer Willing to Cooperate With Dems


So after a year of the Dems saying the GOP was the "party of No" and the GOP saying "we're cooperating!" and the polls saying the GOP is becoming increasingly combative and obstructionist... they outright admit they're going to obstruct?

Oh, well, good job, you guys.
sour grapes mccain
I listened to the BBC coverage after the vote, and they included this (verbatim) marvelous exchange with an American conservative discussing the health care system:

"BBC: Ok but what about the health system that you have in your country?

Repub: No American has ever been turned away from any medical care at any hospital at any time. Even many foreigners come to the United States - illegal immigrants and such - and they're able to get uh health care -"

BBC: But they're very often impoverished by paying for it, aren't they?

Repub: No, they don't have to pay anything!

BBC (sounding bewildered): What, so, in which case you have a more socialized medicine system than many countries in the world, if that's the case!

Repub: You would think so."

The two sides live in completely different narratives.
I'm sorry, I can't comment right now... I'm just so broken up...

HAHAHAHA! Fuck you, McCain. Step down and ask your wife or daughter to run in your place. They're better human beings, and marriage-equality-friendly.
This is the same Senator McCain who introduced a bill to threaten access to vitamins and supplements, right? I don't think I've seen this discussed: if people aren't to invest in preventive healthcare through vitamins and supplements, how are they, in Republicanland, supposed to save money and their health?
"No longer willing to cooperate with Dems."

O that's rich.
Maybe they're trying to use reverse psychology?
How will the Democrats ever get anything passed without Republican cooperation?
@8, why not? Reverse logic has worked so well for them.
Taking his ball and going home, eh?
Wouldn't a withdrawl of cooperation require that there was cooperation to begin with?
Dominic Holden: I mean, imagine what would have happened to health-care reform without all that "cooperation" from Republicans.

Really. You gotta give McCain credit for being able to say this with a straight face.

And so much for that whole "Country First" thing. Apparently, for John McCain country ranks somewhere behind:
1. party
2. revenge
3. winning a primary against nutty radio host J.D. Hayworth

With patriots like John McCain, who needs the Chinese to bring about the decline of the USA?
Just imagine if that grumpy old man had become president. What kind of a leader is that? Fuck cooperaton - my way or the highway!
Someone needs to remind McCain he lost. Senile prick.
Oh, yeah. It's the DEMOCRATS who poisoned the well. Uh-huh. Keep on blathering, old man. If you spew random phrases for a million years eventually you'll say something awesome! It's probability!

Also, this is news? The GOP haven't been willing to cooperate since, what, the '50s? And they've been historically, unprecedentedly willing to undermine the entire country in the name of noncooperation for the last fifteen years or so.

Eat shit, McCain. You lose. Again.
@11 That statement is even funnier when considering that Boehner yesterday told GOP lawmakers to "behave like grown-ups"
The only good Republicant is one that's been driven to the airport to join his party leader Rush Limbaugh in exile in Costa Rica.

This is exactly why President McCain would have been a disaster for foreign policy. Grampa Grumpypants would've had us at war with Iran by now.
This is ironic, since they're the only constituency that Obama wants to appeal to with that shit sandwich of a bill. Meanwhile, they'll be spending the next oh, forever, undermining the legitimacy of his presidency and calling for his assassination.

Why couldn't the Dems have done the right thing and given us Medicare for all? They would've faced the same backlash and actually done something profoundly good instead of this gross miasma of insurance chicanery.
@16: Ty for "unprecedentedly"