Today in Traditional Marriage


All their bullshit about what every child needs...blah, blah, fucking blah is really just a cover for their bigotry against anything that gay families need or that would make gay people happy. That said, Sandra Bullock deserves better.
Oh dude, I smell something wafting in the air.

A-ha. It's the smell of Loveschild arriving to her keyboard.
Maybe a three strikes marriage law?
I follow popular culture almost not at all; same with seeing Hollywood movies. But from what I can tell, Sandra Bullock seems to be one of the few genuine and grounded people in Hollywood. She doesn't deserve this, and I hope her life improves quickly.
Excellent post. "Protecting marriage" is really just about denying marriage to gay people. Nothing more.
@3, anyone who's dumb enough to marry a three-time loser deserves whatever they get.
@6 Yup.

Don't forget all of the neo-Nazi stuff that has been slowly leaking. She didn't know he was down with the white power set?…
Queue Loveschild and The Period Hive in 3....2....1....
Actually, there are a few of those nutcases you speak of out there, they're just not mainstream. My very Xtian, once divorced and now newly engaged neighbor likes to lecture me about how god could have saved my parents marriage all those years ago. Nothing like (a) respecting the dead; and (b) acknowledging my statements that a healthy home is better than a married home.
There's a lovely Wikipedia article about West Coast Choppers. Worth a read.
In general, most marriages last about as long as it takes a kid to learn to walk and handle basic functions, that's about 3-5 years after birth).

Even countries with low rates of divorce don't have as strict a definition of what means divorce - see France, Italy, Spain and their attitudes about mistresses.

Sorry, just thought I'd throw some facts in.
You can take the tattooed redneck out of the trailer park, but you cannot take the trailer park out of the tattooed redneck. Sandra should have known better. I think she is a lovely and genuine person, but she screwed up. And further, if you are starting to get serious about somebody and they are involved in custody issues with a porn star, drug addict 2nd (or 3rd) wife, that could be a red flag.
I think we can all thank god that at least they weren't gay, because... um...?
In the words of Peter Griffin - "SHUT UP MEG"!!!
i'd like him more if he had been married to belladonna instead of janine lindemulder.
If only they'd seen that video with the monogamous chipmunks and such.
I don't mind piling on. I don't think Sandra Bullock thought for a second he was reformed. Give me a break.

Just like there are some guys who are always looking to cheat, there are women who can't resist so-called "bad boys". They like to pretend they they are doing some Pygmalion routine on them, but it's "teh badness" that attracts them in the first place..

Save the sympathy for Eliot Spitzer's wife. Or even that modern day Lady MacBeth Elizabeth Edwards. Sandra Bullock = great actress, typical babe-burned-by-bad-boy.
That kind of legislation would, of course, be unconstitutional, since the United States Supreme Court has held marriage (for straights!) to be a fundamental right. Even felons imprisoned for life without parole have a fundamental right to marriage. Just not gays. In the eyes of NOM, gays rate lower than convicted murderers as far as fundamental rights are concerned.
@10: Oh, that is precious. If you're gonna write your own wiki article, shouldn't you at least make an effort to make it look like somebody else did?
I just wish it took a little bit more than a joy ride to Vegas between being single and wedded. Counseling sessions to really analyze the individuals and the strength of the relationship? Something...?

I'm tempted to be in favor of a three strikes rule, hah!
TVDinner? What? Your complaining about what? Oh, you think I don't want people to know I worked on it. Why wouldn't I want people to know? Why do you think I posted about it?

Are you drunk before 3 pm? That's not good.
You know heterosexuals are completely out of control when there's a professional designation called the "Certified Divorce Financial Analyst" which is issued by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts.

And these asshole heterosexuals get to vote on whether or not gays can marry? What a joke.
@21: Oh elenchos, I was drunk before 11 am. I believe it's important to lay down a good base to your day.
Porn-star ex-wife. I'd call that a warning sign.
I feel bad for Bullock a bit, more so for her children really. One divorce in a child's life is crappy enough to deal with, two or more is hell.

Still, why would you want to marry someone with 2 ex-spouses? One ex-spouse is one thing, people make dumb mistakes when they're young, but two? Granted, their are plenty of happy third-time marriages out there I'm sure, but I still haven't met any.

And everyone child needs to have it drilled into their heads that "bad boys" and "bad girls" don't get reformed simply because you married them.

And yeah, KK, I still can't understand how convicted murderers can get married, but perfectly law-abiding decent same-sex couples can't. Nice. One thing murderers can't bitch about--hey they can still marry so long as they're straight.
Why is it always the sexless pussies that are the first to focus on where the woman is to blame?

Nevermind. Answered my own question.