Constance McMillen Goes To Court


Just wondering, but do any of the school board members support an inclusive prom? Out of the seven names listed, i'd think at least one of them disagree with this decision.
I just love how Constance wants HER prom and the right to attend HER prom. She doesn't want some non-school sponsored private prom and turned down the offer from Ellen to throw one.
I wish all 18 year olds (and up!) were so mature and held on so strongly to their values. Constance is the first, but she will not be the last.
Why is it som important to make a young wiman feel so unwelcome? Do these people feel a sense of accomplishment or bravery by ostricizing this girl?
Fingers crossed that the judge makes the sensible decision, and sentences the school board to a round of swirlies into the bargain.
@3 Zealots stick to their guns on principle, regardless of how many lives are destroyed in the process. If they back down now it's a perceived refutation of their own "Christian" morals or whatever they believe. So they'll fight to the bitter end, and when the courts eventually discard them (or fine the holy hell out of them) they will rage and wail that THEY were oppressed for THEIR beliefs. Like we haven't seen this end game before, repeatedly...

Constance will have her day--or well-deserved settlement with justice. The hatemongers will be marginalized just a bit more again, as they've been for decades now. Every little brick in the wall of a better tomorrow...
@3 I'm betting homophobia is pervasive enough in Fulton that really no one thought that this would explode. I'm willing to bet this happens far more often than we know.

A little off topic, but James Randi (a.k.a. The Amazing Randi has come out at the age of 81.

Randi is a magician and leader of the skeptic movement. He is also the sponsor of the James Randi 1 Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge. During the 1980s he and Johnny Carson helped expose Uri Geller as a fraud on The Tonight Show.

If not for Constance - and there are few like her - this whole ball of shit would not have been noticed.

In the South I bet you are correct - a pervasive problem in many high schools - never challenged.

Did Dan take his BF to he prom? Just wondering if he is more of a late blooming activist, I did not care for the prom stuff but used to do the football team on the bus .... yes, a male cheerleader.

Three cheers for Constance, god what a grounded young woman.
Email addresses not working:

School Board Member Eddie Hood

School Board Member Jackie Nichols

School Board Member Harold Martin

I looked at the website for the school district and these are the addresses posted, but they are bouncing back. The link to Allstate agent Eddie Hood's address appears to have been removed.

8: Did Dan take his BF to he prom?

I thought he went to an all-boys' seminary school. Did the "celibate" supervisors allow them to have dances with girls, seeing as some of the students were destined for the priesthood?

I went to a non-religious all-girls' school; we weren't allowed boys at our dances and parties because a few years before us some boys in attendance brought liquor, got drunk and smashed some school windows. The Headmistress was Not Amused at the unseemly behaviour. Hence the ban on Persons with Penises. Not really an issue, since they weren't members of the school.

I'm just amazed that a school would ban one of its own students from a function.

An e-mail is nice, but snail mail makes a better statement. Its just too easy to delete an e-mail but a letter ends up sitting on your desk and must, at the very least, go into the trash.

The school address is:

11900 Old Highway 25
Fulton MS 38843
"We are in the business of school and education our children," Hood said.

Right up there with "Is our children learning?"
You are all not seeing the big picture. Constance maybe fightening for a prom which only happens once a year, but what about an education that is being denied to an individual at the same school. Education seems more important to me than a prom. Her story is all about her, she does not care about anyone else, she just wants the money and the fame. Both of which will soon fade away with time. True friends will stick with her and she will stick with her true friends instead of abdoning them at there time of need as she has done with this one student at the same school.
Constance has become a stuck up individaul every since the media started getting her on different shows, she has already spent money that should of been saved for her education. It seems like just a game to her and a way out of FultonCounty, Mississippi. Constance needs to wake up and realize that reality will be facing her down soon enough and that things will all blow over.

Sure she came out and wants to take a girl to the prom, but it is not technically a school district problem. The seniors pay for there prom. I am glad that you all want to make donations to this cause, but once again the education of a transgender, gay or lesbian individual is more important than a prom.
@ 13

Yeah, taking your date to prom, sitting wherever you like on a bus - these are little things. Thanks for helping us see the big picture.
@13 You are totally missing the point. That you think she is "stuck up" is of zero relevance. What is important is that a young lesbian is being denied the right to attend an event that everyone else is welcome to attend. The school board would like to make this just another quiet little episode in rural America and for everybody to stay in their place and not rock the boat. Constance has a lot of courage and if all the support she is getting makes her more self confident and a little headstrong then that is a good result. If the school board is forced to back down that will be even better.
Man, @13 - talk about the importance of education. Did you learn to write in Fulton County? If so, sounds like they're failing at that, too.