Trans Student Suspended from Same School in Mississippi That Canceled Prom, Later Hounded Out of Town


That's what you get for trying to be yourself.

This shit infuriates me.
We isn't there a fund to help move people out of places like this?
@2 - yes, but not everyone can get cush jobs like Rob McKenna
Not that it is an excuse for the town's craptastic behavior, but didn't Mother Baize realize what it would be like to subject her child to the judgment of a small town in Mississippi??

Her claim "I just want him to be safe" rings as very disingenuous.
Where's the "Christian" outrage over this? Huh? I hear about all these "liberal" Christians who say they stand up for GLBT rights and in both of these cases I have seen next to ZERO outrage.

So much for religion providing a strong moral compass or moral leadership.
It is bigots like Dan that cause Juin's mother to fear for his/her safety.
I want to help. How can we help? Jesus, makes me wish I could move this poor kid to austin and take him in myself.
What a shitty little town.

Southern Indiana and Northern Mississippi are different only in how the bigotry is expressed, not in how prevalent it is.
Juin--we support you! As you can see you are not alone!

Dan--where can we send financial support to the family? As olechka said, I want to help!
What Papayas said. This family needs help a lot more than kids need a prom.

Don't follow this person's story, Dan. You can't do anything to assist.
Why isn't there an organization that moves more LGBT-friendly people into places like this? Similar to the buses that went down south during the civil rights movement in the 60s.
Does anyone know how to pronounce Juin's name? Never heard of that one before.
@5 - This is small town Mississippi, where the Baptists and Pentecostals rule. You won't find liberal Christians there.

If it is any consolation, in small city, Louisiana, my congregation has always stood up for and been vocal about civil rights. We were the first white congregation in town to support desegregation, and many of our members in the 50s and 60s were very active in the civil rights movement here. We have also been welcoming of gay and lesbian people at least as long as I have been a member, and many of us (including myself) have actively participated in equal rights activities here. I want us to take the next step and become an "official" congregation of our denomination's GLBT ministry, but some of the old folks are afraid that will put the congregation at risk from the bigots in this city. They are probably right, but it won't stop me from lobbying our congregational council nonetheless.
Can someone please tell me what the fuck is up with all the accusations of anti-trans bias for Dan? The last trans-related posts I saw were one blasting a trans man for betraying his own on health care and this. Both seem wholeheartedly supportive of trans folks, so what gives?
This stuff breaks my heart. At least Juin sounds optimistic about the future. It's a shame that people are subjected to so much hate simply for being who they are. Intolerance of intolerance is the only acceptable form of intolerance.
oh lord your sea is so great,and my boat is so small. thank you so much for the kindness of stranger...s
On a more related note, massive kudos to the friends in Florida stepping up to take in this boy (hard to write it that way, looks like a girl to me). They're better family than Juin's own grandmother, it seems.
What's with the use of male pronouns?
@16 -- the attorney general of Washington State is not a transgender FTM. Dan's taking heat for that post because he used the accusation of being FTM to denigrate the AG for being a jackass. The trans community and its supporters are upset because Dan's post equated being transgender with something bad and/or as a slur.
@16 - McKenna isn't actually trans. That post was using the trans label as a way to slam McKenna, who definitely deserves derision... but the issue is using the label of transgendered as an insult.
Juin is, at the very least, lucky to have his (that's apparently what he prefers :/) mother's support.

I just wish that it was easier for him.
I think the Florida thing indicates we haven't heard the last of this story.

And, uh... virtual school? Oh god.
@16 - McKenna, the man who betrayed the health care bill, isn't actually trans. However, he does in fact look like a f2m who doesn't quite pass.

Whereas I saw this as funny (some trans look like hot dudes/chicks after treatment, some just look like trans - no big deal, we can't all be supermodels) and a clever way to turn conservative prejudices against themselves, others were deeply, mortally offended.
@21, 22 and 25, thanks. I basically ate the whole thing hook line and sinker. I remember thinking it sure was odd that a FTM would be elected as a Republican, but didn't ponder it more. You're right seandr that he does look like a FTM that didn't quite finish the treatment.

I can see where some trans folks would be offended, but the slog isn't exactly for the thin skinned no matter who you are. Certainly the monogamous have it worse off than any trans folks here. Understanding the joke I'm guessing that Dan meant it to be offensive to the kind of people who find being trans repulsive A.K.A, the state AG and not actual trans people. Not his best work, but hardly qualifies him for the transphobe of the day award.
This breaks my heart. I hope this episode doesn't mess the poor kid up for life. And while it sounds like he's happier now, I can't imagine things are a whole lot better in the "you-can't-see-your-dying-wife-and-neither-can-her-children" state.

This kid should be out, proud, and safe enough to go to a non-online school. Against all odds, it looks like he's got two out of three down.
I don't quite agree that Dan's post was using trans as a negative thing, but I just don't get the post at all. Did McKenna have a habit of accusing other people of being trans (or gay) without proof? Then it would make sense. When Dan did that whole thing of implying a reporter was blowing goats, it was because that reporter had been using the same phrasing to imply that other people did unsavory things with no proof.
It really floors me even from here in Columbia South Carolina that there are still places this bad in the United States. I mean, seriously, WTF? It's not like these asshole can plead ignorance anymore, either. Makes me want to hit the place with a daisy cutter.
This is really obscene, and hopefully it answers some posters' questions on the other thread about why there's a "T" in GLBT.
"Itawamba" sounds like something Bib Fortuna would say. (If you don't know, Bib is Jabba the Hutt's right-nub man in Return of the Jedi.)
@30: Hartiepie will gladly take that up with you.
@4 - I'm kind of with you here. Doesn't it seem strange that she'd let her 16-year old go to (his) first day of school, at a new school, in a small town, in Mississippi, in relatively fierce trans mode... Jesus, even as I write that - wow. That's like sending your kid into a Palestinian hookah parlor with a glowing Star of David on his chest (not a perfect analogy, but you get what I mean). What's she trying to do, get him killed? Itawamba's in the wrong, sure, but what about that mother?
and if it counts for anything, Juin is unbelievably cute. How can anyone hate him/her like that? What a fucked up place... There has to be a way we can help.
To those who are blaming the mother: if she forbade her kid from wearing the clothes of the gender he identifies with, you'd be all over her for that. The villain here is Itawamba Agricultural. His mother just wants him to be happy, and he's lucky to have her love and support.
that's a pretty hot shemale
@36 Yeah, I can't believe it took sloggers so long to point that out. I would totally do her if I was into underage trannies.
Glad you finally posted this one, Dan. I found out about reading the comments on Facebook. This situation is reprehensible and those in authority at the Itawamba high school have no business calling themselves "educators." The word "educator" conjures the image of a caring, nurturing person and these people clearly have hearts of stone.
Much better, Dan. Let's see if you can remain civil regarding transfolk, advocate for their civil rights like they were your own, and never use them as a slur again. Here's to hoping.
To the Mom-deriders - be fair. Unless you're from the South, you have no idea how hard it is to just imagine packing up and starting over somewhere else in the country, with no connections and family. And they sound terribly poor.
@4 and 33 - so what would you say if I told you I faced some slut shaming as a child - not even a teenager, a child - for being female and wearing shorts? That I still get derogatory comments aimed at me in my hometown for having short hair? (Obviously, I do not live in the West. Nor am I transgendered, I just live somewhere fucked up enough that it happened.) Is that my parents' fault for not wanting their child to grow up in the same repressed, frankly second-class way the girls around me were? Should they have also married me off at fifteen to some older lech so I could fit in better with the crowd? Since, you know, I'm looked down on for not being married yet. It's clearly all their fault.

Sorry. Shaming the mother here doesn't work. If a mother who cares enough about her kid to accept who he is and support him as much as she has, and that mother moves to Itawamba to live with HER mother (who seems fundie too, by the fact that she kicked them out the minute things went south), you can bet your last dollar that she wasn't moving there because she really liked the scenery; she was out of options.
@33 - A kid who's already living trans at 16 already knows that there's going to be shit to deal with in a new school. The article doesn't say that he went on 'fierce trans mode' (and that the hell is 'trans mode', anyway? You're trans or you're not. Wearing boy's clothes wasn't going to hide him). He may actually have been in relatively modest/unisex clothing. If he wasn't, then the fact that he chose to go in as he is is a testament to his courage and the security that his mother has nurtured in him. I expect his thought was more about getting the shock over with immediately so everyone could get back to regular life ASAP, than of making a Statement.

And come on...the only person more likely to be the target of attacks of any sort, than a trans kid in a brand new small-town school?

Is a trans kid in a brand new small-town school with his Mommy in tow.
@20 I was thinking the same thing. I mean I don't mean to sound too rude but I remember high school, and if students were expected to call someone who, I actually thought was female before I read the post, it would complicate an already complex issue for these kids to understand. Now that's not like some kind of excuse for bigotry, but I kinda see how this situation is different from say, denying kids access to prom (1 night of possible gasps vs 4 years of high school). I dunno you know, it's not like I'm saying at all this kind of person wouldn't have been accepted somewhere in the school, but I would think their concerns might be of safety too. I was teased and beat up because I liked computers and audio equipment, and all their ridicule was of how effeminate such activities made me (and I still don't understand why they wanted to "mushroom print" my face).

I also agree with a previous post about how the parents might need some help too. It's good that he moved on, sometimes people just refuse to be polite.
When the Constance thing first went down, I recall that comments from the school administrators were on the lines of 'if she shows up in a tux, it's not that bad, but what if some guy then shows up in a dress?'

I think we now know the origin of that bit of reactionary paranoia.
Now I really hope Constance & the ACLU wage legal war on these backwoods morons and bankrupt their shitty corrupt little board of education back past the present stone age they're in.
Beverly Bertsinger is a wonderful mother. I hope that the family is able to be together very soon.
I don't want to minimize lesbian/gay civil rights struggles, but that's America: gay teen can't attend a dance one day, trans teen isn't allowed to go to school at all and is run out of town.

People are much more tolerant in Seattle, but it's still relative: trans people have it rough on a daily basis. Be nice to your trans friends.

And it's not like that everywhere. Parts of South Asia (like India), Iran, Southeast Asia, island nations, aboriginal cultures, and others are relatively more accepting of trans people than gay people.
When this incident first happened and Juin contacted the ACLU it was suggested that she meet a few people in this state. I was one of those people. I am a woman with a trans history myself, also living in MS. As soon as I heard about this case I found Juin on Facebook and we instantly became friends. She and I talk all the time and have talked many times about everything that has happened with this case. Over the past few months, she and I have become more like sisters. I've always tried to help her anyway I could. I know how hard it is for a transwoman to make it in this world and so I expressed to her just how important a good education is for us. I want her to finish high school. I want her to go to college, and I will continue to support her and do whatever I can for her.

I thank you all for showing your support of her and for spreading the news of this travesty. I know this means a lot to her. It really is a sad situation when a school board puts their ignorance and fears above what is really important... the education of a child who already has a lot stacked against her and needs all the support she can get.
On the other hand, 43, these types of things really aren't that hard for kids to wrap their heads around if they have the proper guidance. All the administration and teachers really had to do was make it clear that the school is a safe place for all students and that nobody was going to get away with behaving inappropriately or with bullying any other student. I'm under no illusion that that would have actually happened at this particular school, or that if it had some of the parents wouldn't have revolted, but that's really all it would take.
@ 44 my thoughts exactly.

In Japan, it's totally cool to be FtM. The tradition has been here for thousands of years, with Kabuki and whatnot.

Hey, anyone read that that boy in some other state (martin I think his name is) who got to go to his prom because of Constance's case has now been booted from his parents house?
yes....I have since scrolled down and noticed he picked up on bad for not reading carefully V_V
I attended Florida Virtual School. If it helps to comment about it, it's an excellent online high school program. The only missing thing is that being home schooled in any way can preclude you from having real friends. I've made loads of friends online, but that doesn't mean I don't wish I had a group of friends offline. But, it's not really in the cards for me anyway in the rural area I live in.
Also, god he's cute.
Poor kid. It's heartbreaking that he needs to go to a "virtual school" instead of a real one. Bigots make me sick. I hope he can keep emotionally strong, get a good education, and move somewhere more supportive and openhearted, like a West Coast city.
I want to say I am sorry for some reason. I guess it's being part of the human race. I am sickened that this can happen. But it does and I am sorry.

I am ignorant on why the ACLU is not going to do anything. I would think at the very least seek damages against the school to help relocate this women and her kids.

@50 - you mean MtF I assume and yes, there are a lot of femme boys in Tokyo. Crossdressing seems to be a cool thing to do in Japan.
@20: Not sure if you eventually noticed, but it says that's what Juin prefers for now.
FYI, Mr. Savage--moving this post to the top of the queue still doesn't count as an apology for the McKenna thing.
I'm sorry, but where was this posted late in the day yesterday?

FYI, Mr. Leek--he apologized for the McKenna thing on Tuesday.
What a brave soul. I'm grateful to read that he feels like he is in a much better place, and he is able to continue getting an education online. Is there a way to help him and his family out?
Yeah, ze is fucking hot. Extremely pass.
Would've been nice if a link to this story was made available. The mother might have some blame here because she should've taken this kid first to the appropriate specialists that can diagnose, treat and help in a transitioning if they determine that the individual does have a gender identity disorder. Gender transitioning is something that rarely should be recommended for minors.

@60 Oh really? Link to it please. Sadly, I believe you are mistaken.
If the kid in question had shown up in a wheelchair with a service monkey there would have been just as much "disruption". And the other kids would have been told to be nice to the poor cripple and not to stare. No one would have dreamed that kicking the kid out of school was an appropriate response.
It's Ms. Leek, actually--and saying "I'm so sorry, I should have included a link to the Facebook group against McKenna's actions" is not an apology.
Who said anything about transitioning? No Juin. Not his mother. Not the ACLU. Nobody.
@60: It's an addendum to the original post.

@66: Whatever.
@67 She's just buying him girl clothes ( "I buy him the clothing to wear as a female.") and allowing him the present himself in public in them without having sought professional help first.

@69, And why does he need professional help? I wasn't aware that wearing women's clothing was a disorder.
Hilarious! What young man would want to wear the lovely and demure clothing reserved for women...girls...REAL women? That person needs psychiatric analysis.

The person that uncritically upholds ridiculous notions of gender needs more help if you ask me.
69: the big problem here is that you clearly don't have the first clue what you're talking about. You obviously think that transgender is the same as transsexual, and that the aim and end result of both is sex reassignment surgery. For one thing, whenn you start from such a position of ignorance, you have no business recommending anyone seek professional help. For another, it's obvious that this boy's mother is desperately poor; to get a consultation with a specialist would require expensive travel and a substantial consultation fee that she probably can't afford. Get it?
72, Lovechild doesn't need facts or reality to make her claims. How dare you!
And also, what 70 and 71 said. The biggest problem of all is clearly the school administration, which could have avoided any problems for everybody by simply enforcing a policy of zero tolerance for bullying and discrimination. If for no other reason, Juin would have won a court case against this school just like Constance McMillen had her First Amendment right to wear traditionally male clothing recognized by the court.
I am wondering how I missed this post yesterday afternoon though? I guess I did...
@70 Wearing permanently the clothing of the opposite gender is not indicative some sort of identity disorder ?
Loveschild, I increasingly sense that you only love children until they're born. After that, you'd rather let them die in a fire.

#1: If you come out as transsexual when you're 14 or 16 or 18, you do it of your own volition. You do it because the will to live is too great to ignore. Take it from someone who's been there, did that, got the commemorative coffee mug, etc. It is superfluous to have someone be "qualified" to "recommend" it or not. So that argument is moot.

#2: The problem with professional help is that professionalization of an educated person does not qualify them as Hippocratic and/or free of their own ulterior motives when advising a client. This is why the psychiatrization of transsexual people was such a massive failure and fucked up a lot of kids. I bristle when I hear someone suggest "that transwhatever kid needs help." Bollocks. That kid needs to be loved without question or judgment, period. You want that kid to be the very best they can reach to be. That, my dear, is the gesture of love.

This is why I know I know you don't actually love children once they're born. Familial/parental love of the next generation does not constitute throwing that next generation to the professional dogs and hoping they can fend for themselves. That's all it really comes down to, sweetheart.

Your proselytizing on this sums as an endorsement for non-consensual abuse of kids who deserve love, not "treatment". These are the same "professionals" people like you will turn to in order to also "un-gay" their child so when they become adults, they don't marry someone they genuinely love on their (and their partner's) terms.
@62, not to be toooooo much of a dick, but looking like that and insisting on male pronouns is not much of a pass for either gender.
@76 It doesn't indicate internal identity disorder, it indicates that the person likes to wear a particular style of clothing. Just because most society dictates pink is a color only girls should wear doesn't mean some boys can't enjoy wearing pink, or dresses, or make-up. Just because you have limited gender ideas doesn't mean the rest of us do.
Thanks for the Paypal link! Putting my money where my mouth is feels so refreshing. Anything to help you apologize for insufficiently apologizing for the slowness with which you apologized for not apologizing about the McKenna post. You bastard, you.
On Thursday, Dan appended:

Otherwise, meh, I'll just keep hating on trans people like the raging anti-trans beegoat that I am.)

I don't think you're a bigot, Dan. I just think you're a cheesy t'aint.

Nothing's going to change your feelings on the matter. You have an engraved idea of where transsexual people belong: not in places of social standing where you enjoy slumming now — not where they can be seen, at least. To you, this is unfathomable.
It doesn't really matter what kind of disorder Juin does or does not have, because his mother clearly doesn't have any money for counseling of any kind. They are HOMELESS, people. Living temporarily in the house of a friend-of-a-friend is homeless. Sending one family member off to live with a friend in a distant city while you try to get enough money together to find a place you all can live is doubly homeless. These people need basic services. Too bad they're in Mississippi Goddamn.

You know what kind of mental health care homeless people get? In Missifuckingssippi? For gender-related issues? Hah hah, that's a good one.

Donation sent.
Here's one better, Dan: use that Paypal donation link to set up a trust fund for Juin. I'm sure you know a few gay bankers downtown who might have some sympathy to set up the best fund portfolio for the situation and for Juin's anticipated future financial obstacles.
Dan, you're holding an apology ransom? Disgusting. Since when is a real apology contingent upon other people doing the good work of helping the very people you abuse, Dan? Sad to see you keep treating this as a joke and wiping your feet on other people's dignity.
what about the gay kid that got kicked out by his parents, when news that his school would allow his boyfriend to attend prom, came out?
Thank you for the pay pal link. I'll put my money where my mouth is, too.

I'm doing it for this child, though. I'm not doing it to see you apologize, that is a subject for your own heart. Having not been around much, I don't know the whole story, if you were venting or acting with malice (I confess to lacking the energy and desire to understand it). I only know that I would not want to leave a person or group thinking that I did not care if I hurt them, even if my words/actions were without malice or intended as a joke. I'm the type to own the pain I cause, to seek reconciliation and to do it quickly, because life is painful enough as it is and I don't need to make it more painful for another. That is how it works for me.
Now if only we can donate enough money to get this poor boy the couselling and responsible medical advice he needs. And then we could donate enough to sue and ideally imprison those who advocate butchery under the guise of medicine.

When is the world going to wake up to the fact that GRS is just woo like homeopathy? And like homeopathy, it can do real and long lasting harm to those upon whom is it practiced. Many children have gender confusion issues. The solution isn't to disfigure them with blades. The solution is to counsel them to satisfaction with who they are.

I sympathise with Juin. He has been taught things that are categorically untrue, he has been preyed upon by those who are supposed to help him, and he has now been made the focus of tremendous pressures to go through with a procedure which ought to be labelled and treated as the crime it is: sexual disfigurement under the auspices of medicine.
A lot of you are all over Dan for his comment the other day. Fair enough - it was insensitive - but I'd think a prerequisite for being trans in America would be a thicker skin. Otherwise, if each instance of insensitivity gnawed at you for days - and I'm guessing they're not uncommon - you'd find yourself living in a dark cloud of constant resentment. What kind of life is that?

I mean, it's fair to call him out on it, but in every thread, multiple times? Point made, bolded, and underlined. There will always be jerks who don't get you. Take a deep breath and let it go.
Has Loveschild ever shown it's face at Slog Happy? I want to meet this freak of nature. So here's the deal Loveschild, I'm a long time slogger who lives in Seattle and has never been to Slog Happy. (I have a volunteer commitment most Tuesday and Thursday nights) So if you have the guts to show your face at the next Slog Happy I'll go to meet you and spit in your face.
I wish we had one of those donation bars that could tell us how things are going, hopefully you can fill us in on the results Dan. Hope my 20$ is a teensy drop in the bucket.

@87, sex reassignment surgery is not for everyone, for sure, but if you really think it isn't for anyone and that some kids can merely be persuaded into their physical genders then I'm going to have to ask for more proof that you're a doctor than your moniker. GID is a recognized medical condition and sexual transition a recognized treatment in all of the civilized world and even in liberal bastions like Iran. Certainly transitioning is a major step and should be taken with the advice of doctors, but suggesting that its not a legitimate treatment means you go against an overwhelmingly dominant consensus in the medical community.
I wish we had one of those donation bars that could tell us how things are going, hopefully you can fill us in on the results Dan. Hope my 20$ is a teensy drop in the bucket.

@87, sex reassignment surgery is not for everyone, for sure, but if you really think it isn't for anyone and that some kids can merely be persuaded into their physical genders then I'm going to have to ask for more proof that you're a doctor than your moniker. GID is a recognized medical condition and sexual transition a recognized treatment in all of the civilized world and even in liberal bastions like Iran. Certainly transitioning is a major step and should be taken with the advice of doctors, but suggesting that its not a legitimate treatment means you go against an overwhelmingly dominant consensus in the medical community.
Argg double comment fail!
Yes, lets all donate to the cause that elevates Dan to the level of gay daddy fund raiser. He gets the credit for raising the funds....bringing it to the attention of the masses...erasing any bad publicity that surrounds him from occassionally making mockery of trans people.

He might even get the impression that he can get away with being a dick every now and then because he has one after all and because he can push a few dollars in the right directions every now and then.

Kind of like an abusive and neglectful parent does. "Here, sonny, go buy yourself something pretty!"

Your sincerity is lacking.
I hate u, responsible doc. But on another note, isn't the whole "I won't apologize until you donate" thing kinda a joke? Like, a way to make pantie-bunchers like Lurleen get all fiery and donate out of spite? I dunno, I'm a fierce tranny advocate, but I didn't get too much hate from Dan's post....
As the father of a newly out 12 year old, I'm in for $20. Hopefully, we can get Juin settled enough to see that suing the dickwad school board for _damages_ is the way to go. One can only hope that this is just a hiccup on our way to actual freedom.
Thanks for setting up the Paypal acct. This is some kind of revolution in philanthropy. Don't we always say we wish we knew that our $ got into the hands of the people who need it? The revolution will be blogged, it appears.
I love how this poor kid has turned into a platform from which to spring all sorts of theories about stuff that's not part of the story, like gender reassignment surgery. Folks, none of us here has a clue what Juin's real situation is; he may not know either. None of us are doctors (I'm betting @87 isn't either). And he's not going under the knife tomorrow.

His needs are far more pressing than that; the boy needs a PLACE TO LIVE AND BE SAFE. And so does his family. If he decides he needs GRS later on, or something else, or pack it all in and become a homophobic preacher man -- that's his business, not ours. Our business is helping a kid who's in six different kinds of bad personal hardship get his life settled down a little so he can figure out what's what. It's hard enough being a "typical" teenage boy in this kind of maelstrom, let alone being "different" and attracting all sorts of wrong attention from evil-minded bigots.

Let's stop worrying for ten seconds about whether he's the right kind of transsexual or whatever and give these people some help. And yes, the forces that are aligned against him are the same forces aligned against every kind of sexual minority. But let's take Juin's side for now, and not worry about what he's doing wrong or not. The boy needs a home and a school, not lecturing.
Note the difference in the category of response between Lynx, who seems intelligent, thoughtful and willing to discuss matters reasonably, and More, I Say!, who betrays himself/herself as reactionary, emotional, and unable to engage in responsible debate.

Lynx: The majority dominant medical opinion has been wrong before, is wrong about some (unknown) things now, and will be wrong again. We would be absurdly arrogant to believe that just because we think that disfiguring a person is the best way to cure them that we must be right, when it is a problem of clearly mental/emotional origin.

Similarly, some mentally ill persons have been treated with amputation for the sole purpose of 'feeling that the limb was wrong'. This has been debated in scottish parliament and is accessible through a simple google scholar search for 'elective amputation' (I can't post html). The practice is now banned in many places, despite being accepted medically by many physicians.

Consensus is not an argument for something of this sort. There is nothing to test, no double blind experiment to perform to determine the 'truth' of the matter. There are only surgeons, eager to be politically correct and convinced of their own superiority to nature or god or whatever, who radically mutilate people who need phychiatric care.
@87: Oh look, Irresponsible Dickweed's back! How ya been, you winner?

@88: This didn't just come up the other day, Free Lunch. The first time I read something Dan wrote which gave me the clarion impression on how he felt about someone like me — someone "like", as he wrote with the surgical precision of a sawed-off shotgun, blasting everyone — it was, hrm, in 1999. I arrived late, too.

Why it badly shows on him even more now, Free Lunch, is because the social and political placement for him and peers who share a lot in common with him have come remarkably far in eleven years to the point of being shown a dignity still beyond reach then (and totally unfathomable just eleven years before that). But for someone like my non-cissexual peers, nothing changed where Dan's concerned. Soooooo, I'll let you make the conclusion.
Here we see the evidence of emotional instability inherent in persons seeking gender reassignment: Tesla Grills. This is clearly a person deeply in need of nurturing therapy. Incapable of defending his/her own position (I do not know which pronoud Tesla prefers, and his/her chosen name does not reveal it: I would use the term preferred, certainly), Tesla attacks with juvenile taunts.

You were ravaged by people who were supposed to be your advocates. I urge you to find a therapist, followed by an attorney.