Threats to Rep. Rick Larsen Over His Vote on the Health Care Bill


Do you mean Larsen in your post title?
@1: Yes, I did and do. Fixed it. Apologies.
Somehow I'm not surprised that Larsen's office received real threats. Larsen represents "Freedom County", home of arch-anti-gays Larry Stickney, State Sen. Val Stevens and Larsen's perpetual (ineffectual) adversary, John Koster.
So, when are they going to start rounding up these treasonous terrorist tea party fucks, and sending them off to Gitmo?
Nice to see that Brian Baird is consistent in keeping a stranglehold on information regarding his office. It's not like he's a public servant or anything....

I mean, I'm sure *he* doesn't consider himself a public servant. He's in it for the money.
Here's what my congressman, Steve Driehaus (D-OH) had to deal with here in SW Ohio:…

He was on Maddow last night.

O Cincinnati, I can't wait to be able to leave you far, far, behind.
@6: oh, emma's bee, right you are. 19 years gone and all i ever miss is chili and goetta, both of which i know how to make.

Driehaus is the rep. of Chabot's old district, no? I grew up a block from his law office on Harrison. It's amazing to see a dem win that district back from the no-nothings.
Let the teabaggers act like the deranged lunatics that they are. The second they draw blood is the second that they lose any mainstream support that they now enjoy. Just hope they don't off somebody important, like Obama.

Rounding them all up and throwing them in the pokey is the opposite of what should happen. Then they would just say, "see see I told you," and, in a sense, they'd be right.

Let them froth around in their own delusions. They'll self-destruct without our help soon enough.

@9 Correct and as the President told today the gop, "Go for it", let them self destruct and lose more in the eyes of the American people, whom as recent polls show are cozy on up more and more with the new law.
Obviously we need to lock these terrorist Tea Baggers up in GITMO and torture them under the legal fiction that John Yoo created allowing the US to commit war crimes and pretend we still belong to the community of nations.

I'm thinking after 10 years we let any that haven't died go free ... most of them are old, so that won't be many.
The same people that want everyone to live under the yoke of Christian oppression, act like murderous savages. Oh yeah, I forgot, those aren't mutually exclusive.
@7 Max: Driehaus rode in on Obama's wave in 08, booting out the odious Chabot; he is a marked man indeed this fall. Sorry to hear about your westside days. I've been in Clifton the past 10 years (it + Northside & OTR being the only tolerable neighborhoods in this town).