Hyenas Laugh Is not Really Laughter


God, it is way too early in the morning for this.
Good Morning Charles,
Hmm? That finding doesn't mean much to me. I have actually seen and heard hyenas in Cameroon, Africa. They do have quite an unusual sound. Whatever, I am glad that I am a human animal that can laugh.

"Perhaps I know best why it is man alone who laughs; he alone suffers so deeply that he had to invent laughter."

-Friedrich Nietzsche
Cry more, Charles. Animal sounds aren't just cool background ambiance for your visions of savagery and wilderness. They're there because they're meaningful. Sorry if that scares you and shakes your view of the world, but it's true. Get over it. And keep reading more animal behavior books. Recent ones, preferably.
This ruins The Lion King for me, now.
The more I read of Mudede, the more I become convinced that he was that one kid in creative writing class in high school that everybody thought was a huge fucking joke.
@5 You weren't convinced already?

Chaz...you are so fucking retarded. Everybody has known for years that the only reason we think a hyena's laugh is a laugh is because we're giving it anthropomorphic qualities as opposed to it being the only animal who has a human sense of humor.

Just as some people tend to give your writing the intellipomorphic qualities of a scholar instead of the childlike scrawls on a bathroom wall it really is.
this post further solidifies Slog commenters as a bunch of cunts.
Maybe human laughter serves similar evolutionary ends.
@8 - That possibility would also make Charles shiver, methinks.