You Won't Remember This Post


The article doesn't say "print", it says "print-like formats", but doesn't bother explaining what that means. I get the impression they're talking about PDFs or something.
Thing is, once I opened the full-text article I was scrolling within a minute. Don't think I want my WRC tested.…
A lot of retention is usage and repetition - the ability to write usable notes and highlight things helps a lot.
Actually, the study seems to be *exactly* about what happens when the electronic format apes a book by using paginated content with subheadings and links to flip pages.…

Of course, you have to click from the scroll-based news item to the page-like article to learn this, which is, I guess, a nice proof of principle.
pages r good

They realize you can also use the Page Down key instead of scrolling...dear God...tell me they know this...
"You Won't Remember This Post"
Sure I will. I have every Slog post printed on a separate sheet of paper, dating back several years. Each month I type up an index and TOC.
Do you think James Joyces' Ulysses would get through the spam filter?