Eli - where are you getting these from? Is there a link?
For those commenting that they don't see the death threat, I think "KILL THE FUCKING SENATOR! KILL THE FUCKING SENATOR!" ought to suffice.
Whatever you do, don't Topeka phonebook results for Charles Wilson in Selah, WA. Who even knows if it's really him, the sleeping giant???
@3: IF I understand your comment (and I'm not at all sure I do), there is a difference between blocking your number and having an unlisted one. Blocking can be done on the fly. And the investigation sent people to talk to him and confirm the threat, as you'll see in the original article on this.
Imagine how this would have been spelled had it either been written out by Mr Wilson or transcribed by a fellow Teabagger.
if i hear the "sleeping giant" bullshit one more time, I'M gonna let some fucking lead fly, bitches.
Some people need medication. Wonder how he pays for his?
I got yor' sleeping giant....
don't you libtards see? it's HUMOR! a parody of absurdity, just like Limbaugh & Beck & Hannity! it's totally being taken out of context by left wing attack sites!

mr. wilson is probably a shut in who is to sedentary to hurt anyone but himself.
Medicare, Vince.

Also, a big fail of reading comprehension on Mr. Wilson's part with the "country of cowards" bit (or maybe he's just repeating the part he heard on FOX). Eric Holder, when asked about race in the United States during Black History Month, observed that we still see a lot of self-segregation in the workplace and in social settings, and that WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL ISSUES we are still essentially acting like cowards.

Not when it comes to waving guns around and threatening people. That's not the type of bravery Holder was asking that we cultivate.
When are these people going to turn on the demagogues who foment this type of "thinking?" Glenn Beck, one of these days a guy like this who's been inspired by your rhetoric might set his sights on you.
@11 - when the non-American owner of Fox News tells them to stop.
@12: Murdoch is a citizen of the US since 1985.
Yeah, this is pretty much a death threat. Though I do enjoy the irony of "people gonna get hurt" by having access to health care.
@13 - yeah, and GWB called himself a Texan too.

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