Do please stop posting these, Eli. They are horrid to read, and really, what purpose do they serve at this point? Thanks.
Let me ask you this; when he enters his golden years as a felon, will he still be able to keep all of his beloved guns?
@1: This is the last one.

I agree, they're horrible, but I also think there's a value in experiencing, second-hand, the kind of verbal abuse that politicians—and, in particular, female politicians—are getting from people like Mr. Wilson as a result of their vote on the health care bill.
Apologies if this has been proposed before, but someone should do a dramatic reading of these, with the obligatory robe and pipe. Or perhaps a one-man show with Brian Dennehy.
Whew! I was beginning to think this guy just had a bottomless well of teh hate - along with hours and hours of free time in which to vent it at one person.
Well that's just sexy talk!...
@4 - interesting idea. Maybe William Shatner is free?
No, I don't think even Shatner could give these quite the proper reading. I'm thinking someone like Randy Quaid for the low-brow audience, or Chris Cooper is you want to go a little more prestige.
@ #5

Too bad Sir Lawrence Olivier is dead...
@8 - okay, the Randy Quaid idea is brilliant. Nuts Reading Nuts!
Max Gail's one-man show as The Babe was pretty rad. I'd hire him to do it but only if he read them as Wojohowicz.
Well, at least he laid off the poor Pike Street sluts and whores....

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