To be fair, Whedon's run on Astonishing was the best X-Men run in a long time.
@1 - Beat me to it. Worth stealing.
The theft of plants is actually very common and a much bigger problem than you might think. Valuable perennials and shrubs can be worth anywhere from tens to even hundreds of dollars apiece. A smallish clump of a rare bamboo variety or a prized Japanese maple can easily be worth hundreds of dollars. Such plants are frequently stolen from yards or quasi-public places like storefronts, and then resold through landscaping work.
I like that the victim in the U District robbery is so observant as to notice a slice of bread missing. I either wouldn't have noticed or would've assumed I ate it and forgot.
Don't forget about the years stolen from us during the Bush administration.

And one, two, three...
Was that the only hand-written copy of his dissertation or something?
Sign of the times: people stealing food.

I am guessing they didn't want to go to the food bank, where they give away food for free, or at least hit up the Essential Bakery bread dumpster...

And stealing a wheelchair from an amputee? There's a special place in Hell for that.
Of course it was the only handwritten copy. In a moleskine notebook, without a doubt, if it was anything like a real dissertation.
The amputee felt so foolish for not locking up his chair that he could have kicked himself.
@ 7 - Are you serious? The U-District robber stole a glass jar of coins and then probably just saw the "large piece of bread" and grabbed it. Since it's described as a "large piece", I guess it wasn't just a slice from a supermarket loaf, it was probably homemade or something.

But you're not seriously suggesting that, times being bad, people are having to resort to burglary over a piece of bread, are you?? Because that's, like, whack........

Totes agree about the wheelchair theft, though. Somebody done deep-fried their karma....
Once while at the gym, someone stole my sweaty workout shirt while I was in the shower. (Luckily I had a clean one in the locker.) People will steal anything!

Wasn't "Les Miserables" all about a guy stealing a loaf of bread?
Sometimes you even come across reports of otherwise gainfully employed, regular people stealing things. Like that time that newspaper reporter got caught randomly stealing wine from QFC. Strange.
somewhere out there is a man who is outfitting a small apartment building with new exit signs (have to bring it up to code), planting some new plants in the front garden. He's decided to add to his coin collection, and picked up a sample of artisan bread to see if he should come back for more for his next party, at which he's planning to serve lots of chicken wings and give away an ipod and some xmen books. He's just replaced his bashed-up tire. In an effort to bring his girlfriend into this country in time for the party, he found - and took only what he needed from - an ethiopian passport for someone who looks practically just like her. He almost forgot that he needs proof of citizenship for himself as well, now that's taken care of, but sadly it says he's a wheelchair-bound scholar.

His shopping list is nearly complete!
the tire stealing thing is really common too. shame on the wheelchair thief. the exit sign thief is hilarious. but what kind of asshole steals plants? and leaves holes in people's yards!
@11: Gym uniform theft was a big problem at my high school. I never understood why anyone would want to steal a nasty, sweaty, largely unwashed t-shirt/shorts set, when one could easily be bought new for $20.

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